Monday, 5 July 2010

Super Junior's Kangin enlists for military duty

Super Junior member, Kangin or real name Kim Youngwoon, enlisted for military duty on July 5 at 1pm (KST). About 400 fans from around the world gathered at the ChooNam NonSan Centre since 7am to bid farewell to the talent.

Going to the army: Kangin soaks in the atmosphere 
outside the training camp

Around 1.15pm (KST), Kangin and the other SuJu members arrived. Kangin and several of his bandmates were seen shedding tears for their impending separation.

Kangin finally entered the training camp at around 1.45pm. He will be discharged from the South Korean army on April 16, 2012.

The 25 year old is suspended from all SuJu activities by his talent agency and was slapped with a US$8,000 fine by the court because of his DUI / hit-and-run accident in 2009. Thus, his enlistment is pretty good timing, actually.

Goodbye Kangin, ELFs are so gonna count down the days until April 16, 2012.

I'M HERE: Kangin arrives at the training camp

SUPPORT: Kangin (back towards camera) looks on as fellow 
SuJu members arrive in a show of unity

HUGS: Kangin is shown much love from fellow members

CONSOLING: 'Hey man, 2 years isn't that long. We'll be jumping around 
onstage together again in no time.'

LOW BOW: 'Thank you for your love and support.'

ONE FOR THE ROAD: 'We are Super Juni-Or' (minus one real soon)

Sources: Newsen, Osen, Sport Korea, mydaily

SuJu member Kangin plans to enlist for military duty

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Orchidyaldix said...

Hope that during this time he keeps out of troubles and returns with tons of energy!!! it's kinda sad though =(

Hwaiting Kangin Oppa!!!!!!


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