Tuesday, 24 August 2010

AirAsia X flies to Seoul beginning Nov 1

And I bet half of you reading this entry have already booked yourselves on one of those flights! :)

AirAsia X, a Malaysia-based long-haul budget airline, will be introducing daily flights to Hallyuwood beginning Nov 1…and fellow K-popped! Malaysians have gone wild with glee.

It was reported on Aug 10 that the airline had set a new sales record with over 80,000 seats snapped up, and the cash register rang in over RM20mil in introductory sales! Impressive, no?

The airline unleashed a "RM99 fare to Seoul" campaign and bookings for the new destination even surpassed previous campaigns for London, Melbourne and Taipei. 아싸!

So our question is, when are you heading out to Seoul? :-P

저는 다시 한국에 가고 싶어요. ㅋㅋㅋ

Source: The Star Online


betterthanholly said...

The only problem is that
it's not easy to get a hold of the cheap tickets!

As soon as I read bout the incredible offer from 'The Star', I checked airasia website but it was impossible for me to purchase the cheap tickets...

Heard tickets from Seoul to KL sold like hot cakes, too.
Many Koreans wanna fly to KL,
from which they plan to backpack in various S.E Asian countries.

Going to Korea only for about US$35(round trip for about $70~80)?
It's too good to be true!
Extremely attractive to all the Korean pop, drama, movie lovers
as well as many Korean migrants & expatriates who live in Malaysia!^^

Besides, autumn is the best season to visit Korea.

I'll definitley keep my eyes open next time...
Thanks for sharing the news~!

Liz said...

Hi betterthanholly!

Oh, I so know what you mean about trying to get the cheap tickets. Usually, when it comes out in print, it's already a little "late".

I think it's best to subscribe to Air Asia through Twitter or e-mail, and they'll send newsletters to their subscribers.

I know of people who purposely stay up on the day before a campaign is launched, and on the STROKE OF MIDNIGHT, access the website to book ther tickets! And even then you'll face slow net traffic!

betterthanholly said...

Wow, that's why!

Thanks for the useful tips, LIz~

AdY said...

Yeah, I've got mine already! Going in Apr! :) I know about getting the cheap tickets, my friend bought hers a little after midnight and got around RM250+ for 2-way tickets. I got mine double the price, but now they're already RM1000+ for the same date!

Anonymous said...

Hi, guys!

Haven't been here for a while coz bee following u on FB & Twitter. I was one of those who waited in front of my laptop 30 mins before the campaign began at midnight! Yup, lots of traffic, connectivity was slow, but heck... I persevered & got meself a return flight for merely RM400 (inclusive of pre-booked luggage & meals!) Yay! Cheap, no? That's crazy coz it's only US$125!!! Will be there in spring (May 2011) with 3 friends for a week. Mission - to backpack to as many corners as possible around Korea - hahaha - overambitious, no ;p? Anyways, with such affordable tix fares, I can see meself travelling to Korea annually - it's like balik kampung! Hehehe~ As part of the preparation, I'm currently learning Korean as hard as I can. Bi & Tae-Woo Bear chagiyas, I'm coming ;)

NanieNooraini a.k.a. Lee Eun Ji^^

Orchid said...

@nanie, Glad to hear you've booked your trip to Seoul! Awesome.

@Ady :-) Good for you!


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