Thursday, 26 August 2010

Nichkun takes another photo of sleeping manager

The mischievous Nichkun of 2PM is at it again, snapping another pic of his sleeping manager! On Aug 26, the 22 year old tweeted the below pic.

ZzzZzzz: (left to right) Wooyoung, Junho, Sleeping Manager, Junsu & Nichkun

Nichkun cheekily points to the sleeping manger while Wooyoung makes a funny face. Meanwhile, Junho “places” his hand on the sleeping man’s stomach and Junsu, happily poses for the camera :P. Oh, aren’t they imps, all of them!

This isn’t the first time Nichkun has taken and tweeted a pic of his exhausted manager. On Aug 11, he also shared the following picture.

What tickles the fancy of many is that in both pics, the manager is seen sleeping in the same position – hands together while clutching his mobile phone! It must be tough working for JYP Entertainment.

I wonder if the manager will lose his job since he’s been caught sleeping on the job twice?

Source: MSN News

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Orchid said...

Nickhun is sooooo blonde. I prefer him with dark hair.


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