Saturday, 7 August 2010

Kinzli & the kiloWatts unleashes Down Up Down

Want something different from the usual bubblegum Kpop tracks? Why not sample the musical offerings of Kinzli & the kiloWatts?

Kinzli Coffman, who is also known as Lee Eun-jung (pic below) is the frontwoman of Kinzli & the kiloWatts. The South Korean indie singer-songwriter resides in London and Down Up Down is her second album.

The story behind Eun-jung’s 11-track album is amazing. Among others, she recorded most of the album in her living room while still teaching full-time!

Listen to We Walk for Peace, a catchy and easy-listening number that encourages the people of Myanmar in their political struggle.

Meanwhile Don’t Shoot is a haunting ballad that was inspired by gang violence at the singer’s doorstep.

Why does Eun-jung go by the name Kinzli? It’s a long, and rather complicated story. In fact, Eun-jung’s real name is actually Kang Kyung-san. Let’s just say that it involves a tragedy, an orphanage and adoptive parents.

Kinzli / Eun-jung / Kyung-san is a noteworthy talent. Do listen to her tracks, what do YOU think of them?


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oblivia said...

Thanks so much for introducing me to such an awesome artist!

Liz said...

Hi Oblivia,

Glad you like Kinzli & the kiloWatts. You're most welcome :)


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