Sunday, 8 August 2010

Lee Min-ho needs a tan, and he gets it in Maldives!

It's a matter of Personal you like tofu?

Boys Over Flowers actor Lee Min Ho recently released photos via his Twitter account (@ActorLeeMinHo) of himself on a tropical island paradise. He uploaded the pics on Twitpic without an explanation to where he was. Even as i was composing and publishing this post, news is out that Lee Min-ho spent 6-days in Maldives! Don't ask me how his fans got the news! They are just such great detectives when it comes to their favourite stars.

A Korean news article stated that Lee was at the beautiful white-sand beach for six days, relaxing after completing his second drama - Personal Taste in which he stars opposite the lovely Sohn Ye-jin.

The drama is an adaptation of a Korean novel of the same name. Personal Taste (16 episodes) aired in South Korean from 31 March - 20 May 2010. If you've seen it, tell us what you think of the drama.

More pics of Lee Min-ho at the Maldives...



marbleberry said...

Personal Taste was funny, amusing, at times frustrating, but downright entertaining!

Gotta grab a legal copy when it's released over here (heard it's very soon) and re-watch, bebeh!

Liz said...

He looks like a pak cham kai in the pics. Definitely needs a tan :P

dimsumofallthings said...

Hmmm, these pictures look like it was taken EXACTLY where Sohn Ye Jin had her pictorial for InStyle... especially the canopied bed.

Oh LMH you DO need a tan.

I liked Personal Taste very much. The writing and editing could have been better, but SYJ and LMH were fantastic. The kiss at the end of Ep 10 should be one for the record books for being one of the best (and most delicious) kisses in k-drama!

Ayumi said...

yo, gals & dudes~
Just wanna share with you guys about Lee Minho~*

Personal Taste (AKA Personal Preference) was aired on MBC,
so we can't see the drama thru KBS World *sigh*
but thru some Malaysian channels sooner or later!

I checked all the eps through vikki (and mysoju)...

While the drama was being aired in Korea, it was the most checked drama for months in mysoju
#2 was 'Cinderella's step sis', which I also enjoyed immensely

It was tons of fun; the drama ended up causing many syndromes in Korean society such as 'Jun Jinho Look', 'PT Syndrome', 'Tornado Diarrhea Scene', 'Game Over Kiss', etc. ^^ Clothes, shoes, bags from the drama got sold out on and offline.

BTW, Lee Minho was in Singapore recently to promote LG's latest mobile phone, 'Optimus'; although the tickets for the FM were said to be hundreds of dollars (LG's smart phone price), thousands of tickets were sold out fast.
((He could have hopped to Malaysia after the fan meeting, ha!))

LMH loved Singapore so much he decided to stay for 4 days.
Had chilli crabs twice at the same restaurant.
His folks and sis joined on day 3 and they all went to Maldives for holidays.

LMH's facebook has bout 1 million fans (by far #1 most followers in Korea)

He uploaded pics with Kim Bum,
his doggie, Choco and
Maldive pics in his Twitter

Ayumi said...

Lee Minho deserves a good rest!!
(in Goo Jun-pyo style ^^ at the 7 star pool villa in Maldives)

He kinda reminds me of 'Kimura Takuya' in that photo~

LMH's new drama, "Personal Taste" was very intriguing;it resulted in 'Jun Jin-ho Syndrome', 'PT Look' (with everything he wore in the drama sold out on and offline), 'Tornado Diarrhea', 'Game-over Kiss'., etc.

|| Lynn || said...

JEALOUS!! Maldives is like my ultimate top number 1 place to visit!!! I wish I was there =(

Oooo... Personal Taste was NICE^^ Cute drama~~~ His character was much nicer that Gu Jun Pyo...

CY said...

Now that i have seen both BOF and PT, I'd have to say I actually like PT better.

BOF was good when it was screened, but after having seen so many kdramas, I'd have to say PT was not bad.

I managed to get my episode reviews from dramabeans.. currently crazy about Lee Min Ho, and hopes he'll do a drama with Park Shin Hye one day...

oh, i was just wondering whether K-Popped could do a review on "He's a boy" (Minam Isinaeyo)?

It's really popular and reach cult status. I saw it on DVD-- but because it's on MBC, of course, it was not shown on KBS World(Astro). Maybe it will be shown on the other local channels some time later though. b


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