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Malaysian Fan Gift Project for Lee Seung Gi

Malaysian Lee Seung Gi Fan Gift Project

It started off with two Malaysian Lee Seung Gi (LSG) fans who wanted to know if there are other fans out there who loved the 23-year-old 2 Days 1 Night star. And so Khoo Yoke Leng and her friend created a fan page on Facebook called ♥LEE SEUNG GI 이승기-MALAYSIA AIREN ♥.

After only four months, more than 300 fans joined the page. The move to create a page for the gathering of Malaysian Lee Seung Gi fans was an excellent idea as the fans enjoyed exchanging LSG updates and a great bond between them have been formed. The bond has been made stronger each day by their love for the Korean singer / actor. In no time, they had embarked on a Fan Gift Project for their beloved Seung Gi.

The main objective of the Fan Gift Project is to let Seung Gi know the existence of his Malaysian fans. YES LSG...THERE ARE FANS HERE IN MALAYSIA & WE LOVE YOU!
The project took four months to co-ordinate and it was headed by one of the creators of the FB group, Khoo Yoke Leng (@yokelengkhoo). Gifts that were collected for Seung Gi includes a pair of Selangor Pewter chopsticks and shot-glasses, "vitamin pills" filled with love messages, a fuzzy calendar showing Seung Gi's debut date, scrapbooks, letters, postcards, soft toys etc. The box which was to be flown to South Korea containing the gifts came up to 6kg in weight and cost nearly RM300 in postage fee!

Nadya (left) and Yoke Leng at the post office sending off the 6kg gift box

Collecting the gifts was only part of the project. In an e-mail interview, Yoke Leng told me, "The main problem we had do we get the gifts to Seung Gi?" Although the girls had LSG's company address and the KBS address, they were not 100% sure if the gifts will arrive to Seung Gi, with no one on the other end to receive it. It was too risky to just send the 6kg box over to Seoul.

Luck has it, that one of the Malaysian AIREN's recommended Alex (@AA_CHAN), a blogger and English Instructor in Seoul. He would be the recipient of the precious box of gifts, ensuring that it would be given to the right people. At the same time, Yoke Leng got to know a Korean AIREN from Lee Seung Gi's official fan club in Korea. Yoke Leng arranged for Alex and the Korean AIREN to meet and the latter will then pass the gifts to Seung Gi! Whalla, project completed!

The box left Malaysia on 31 July and reached Seung Gi on 14 August 2010. :-)

Malaysian AIRENs are very happy indeed!

Seung Gi fans call themselves AIREN. "Airen" means "someone i love" or "a loved one" in Mandarin.

Letters & postcards were included in the gift box.
Each gift is meaningful and painstakingly prepared with love.

Nadya, Yoke Leng & Aziem: Fans share a common bond

Love pills....sure to cure any ailment

Shot glasses so LSG can enjoy his soju better. How thoughtful!

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