Monday, 16 August 2010

Review: SMTOWN LIVE '10 iPhone app

I chanced across the free SMTOWN LIVE '10 iPhone app in the iTunes store today, and it turned out to be quite interesting. Here's a quick review of it.

There are four main sections in the app: SM콘서트 소개 (SM Concert Intro), SM콘서트 응원하기 (Cheering For SM Concert), WITH SM, and 스타응원 게시판 (Star Support Board). Read on for a look at what each section represents.

SM콘서트 소개 (SM Concert Intro)

As the title suggests, this section provides information regarding the SMTOWN LIVE '10 concerts, which will take place in Seoul (August 21), Los Angeles (September 4), and Shanghai (September 11).

There is also a brief introduction of the SM artists who will be performing, namely Kangta, BoA, Yunho & Changmin, Girls' Generation, SHINee, TRAX, and f(x).

While everything is listed in Korean, you can still stare at the pretty pictures of your favourite stars as there is a gallery section for each artist. Apart from that, you can also listen to the short audio clips. :)

SM콘서트 응원하기 (Cheering For SM Concert)

This section fascinated me the most. If you're going for the SM concerts but don't want to spend money on lightsticks and banners, have no fear for the iPhone is here!

There are virtual lightsticks, colour cards, flashing lights, moving banners as well as balloons for you to flash on your iPhone screen during the concert. Also, you can record yourself cheering the artists on and play it back during the concert. Amazing, huh?!

for Super Junior...

... or pink balloon for Girls' Generation?


I don't really know what this is for. It seems to be discount coupons for Koreans or something.

스타응원 게시판 (Star Support Board)

If you have an account, you can post messages for your fave artists.

The app is basically a gimmick, but it's one that will put a smile on any fan. Want to download the app and try it out yourself? Get it HERE. :)


Serene said...

LOL yeah!
this app is really useful for those who're attending the SM Town..
too bad that's not me T_T

|| Lynn || said...

It's such a cool app!! u can use it for future SM artists' concerts like SUJU~~ hahahah...

Liz said...

Who has downloaded this app? :D

KHN said...

Before the update, there wasnt any greeting from Uknow Yunho and Max Changmin but now, it has. BoA's greeting changed too. Well, I think there is one more cheering tool you did not mention. The one where you can type names and change the background colour. It flashes and i super love it. A pity the so call photo album has only 1 or 2 photos. It would have been better if they could update some fancams or videos of the actual sm town performances instead!!


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