Friday, 3 September 2010

Geneses Dream Entertainment closes shop, fans to get 50% refund

Latest Update: Geneses Dream Entertainment says events are on schedule!

Geneses Dream Entertainment (GDE), the company that brought U-KISS to Malaysia for a private fan meeting in June 2010, released a statement announcing its closure.

A representative of the event management company sent out a press release stating that it could not survive on ticket sales alone, and that there is a lack of sponsors in Malaysia for Kpop acts.

The statement reads:

I would like to make an announcement as a representative of Geneses Dream Entertainment that our company has been forced to close company.

Korean music actually has a market in Malaysia, but unfortunately, companies do not trust us and are not willing to give us the support we need to continue.

Due to our mistake of accepting the offer to promote two K-pop artists within a short period of time, and with the lack of promotion time, we have lead ourselves to make the crucial decision.
GDE was working on bringing Kim Hyung Joon (of SS501 fame) and boyband ZE:A to Malaysia. The former was supposed to hold a private fan meeting on Aug 28, but it had been postponed to Oct 9. Meanwhile, ZE:A was scheduled to meet the fans on Sept 12 and 13.

Both events are now cancelled.

The statement continues:

We will still refund fans that have bought tickets from us, and the amount of refund will be 50% of the total price paid. We deeply regret that we are unable to refund the full amount because part of the funds have been used to apply for permits and visas, the venue, etc.

We would like to apologize to the Korean artists’ management for all the trouble caused. We hope that our apology will be accepted although it is hard, especially for those who have trusted us. Therefore, we are here to take full responsibility of what we have decided.
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suki382 said...

is this for real??
who are your source?

- celine ♥ said...
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biha-chan said...

huh?! Where did u get this news? are u sure?? where is the source??
and wth with the 50% refund??
they didn't say as such..


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