Friday, 3 September 2010

Geneses Dream Entertainment says events are on schedule!

ZE:A and Kim Hyung Jun fan meeting in Malaysia will proceed as planned,” says Geneses Dream Entertainment (GDE) at its Facebook page about an hour ago.

Apparently the press release, which we received from a reliable source in the print media, was UNTRUE.

Events organized by GDE will RUN as scheduled!

We apologize to the fans for the confusion. We’re confused as well…especially about how untrue press releases got to the local media. Even reported on GDE’s closure and 50% refund of tickets on Sept 2. (Story here).

All K-popped! wants to do is provide information for local kpop fans. If the local print media have been getting incorrect information, you can hardly expect “unprofessional bloggers” to get the correct information now, can you?

Please, don’t shoot the messenger when the message that has been sent out is not true.

Geneses Dream Entertainment closes shop, fans to get 50% refund



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