Thursday, 23 September 2010

Jay Park's not coming to Malaysia, goes to Singapore

Malaysian Jaywalkers will not be able to see their idol, Jay Park (a.k.a. Park Jae-beom) in the flesh but their Singaporean counterparts will be able to do so on Sept 25!

Redstar Presents, the local concert promoter that successfully brought in Super Show 2, announced at its blog yesterday (Sept 22) that the Jay Park Fan Meet Tour has fallen through.

“After several negotiations, we were unable to meet the demands of Mr. Jay Park’s Management team,” Redstar Presents wrote.

Down south, Jaywalkers in Singapore will have the opportunity to see the erstwhile 2PM leader in action at the Wave House, Sentosa.

Together with his Bboy crew Art of Movement (AOM), Jay will put on a 90-minute performance where the singer will also cover B.O.B’s hit Nothing On You and his latest single Demon.

Are any Jaywalkers from Malaysia making their way down south to Singapore for the event?

Sources: Redstar Presents & Sistic

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Park Hanan. said...

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