Friday, 24 September 2010

ONE HD: New Korean-focused network on Astro B.yond

The Malaysian Kpop Twitterverse (join us here) is abuzz with news that Astro subscribers will be getting another Korean channel called ONE HD (Channel 393). However, Astro will only offer the network to its B.yond subscribers.

B.yond is our nation’s first High-Definition (HD) broadcast that offers sharper pictures, more vibrant colors and cinematic surround sound. Yep, I bet you’d love to see SNSD’s long legs and 2PM’s naked torsos in hi-def, no? Va va va voom.

Channel 393 reportedly provides “the best selection in Asian general entertainment with a focus on Korean content.”

So this doesn’t mean it’s exclusively dedicated to Korean shows, does it? It’s basically a selection of Asian entertainment shows, isn’t it?

I'M LEGEND: Hot chicks in super short dresses in HD?!?!?!Wowzer!

But since it is focused on Korean content, the carrots that are dangled in front of non-B.yond subscribers (so that they’ll upgrade their subscription) are Korean hit dramas such as My Girlfriend is Gumiho and I’m Legend; entertainment programs such as Star King and Star Junior Show and of course, beloved Kpop music shows such as K-pop Countdown and Kim Jung-eun’s Chocolate Concert.

ONE HD is set to go on air Oct 3.

How many Kpop fans reading this are planning to switch to B.yond because of ONE HD? Remember, you’d only get a bang for your buck with an HDTV ;)

Source: Astro's FB page

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myra.hyuk said...

i don't understand about the non-B.yond subscriber. did the non subscriber also can watch it too or they must switch to B.yond?

Bella said...

omg!!! that is so UNFAIR!!!!
@myra.hyuk: to the non-subscribers, we can't watch the ONEHD UNFAIR~!!! UNFAIR~~!!!

myra.hyuk said...

@Bella; Oh god. that's really unfair. i must begged my parents to switch to b.yond.

Wawa said...

my mom agreed to upgrade our astro to astro b.yond! yay~~~

if you would like to upgrade your astro to b.yond, you must have a HD point of upgrading your astro if your tv is not HD coz it wont work...

well, i'm way too excited now ;)

fikah © said...

i;m so gonna ask my parents to switch to b.yond.

Orchid said...

Am saving up for a HD TV and subsequently gonna subscribe to Astro B.yond.

Anyone want to contribute to our HDTV fund? You're most welcome. =)

Orchid said...

@wawa Your mom is awesome! hehehe She likes Korean dramas & K-entertainment too right?

Anonymous said...

Woo! Wonder Girls in HD! Awesomeness!

alyaa said...

What? I want to see Mi-Ho (Shin Mina)and Dae-Woong (Lee Seung-gi) in HD too.. They are awesome in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho!

Farah said...

omg ! i can't wait to watch it. weee. thank god my dad decided to buy b.yond. at first there wasn't much HD channels, i did thought it'd be a waste. but it's getting more worth it , yeay!

ayien_eyka said...

thank god.. My dad already change to b.yond after a few days astro released it.. at first i feel.. 'boring lah..nothing special about b.yond except you can watch FIFA & movies in HD' but now.. it's not boring anymore :D

I love my dad so much <3 :PP

|| Lynn || said...

Can't upgrade my subscription :( Need to buy a new TV for that! Haha... My current LG TV is working fine... break down break down!! HAhaha... Lucky for UniFi!! Can download the dramas ^^

Emi said...

omg, its unfair that non-subscriber cant watch...

soshi in HD! so gooood

Leeann said...

WTFFF! This is totally unfairrr!
When i saw the advertisement about ONE HD on KBS World, i was soooo excited! I kept on checking Channel 393 but there was no such channel so i thought it wasn't aired yet or something.

And now i come across this saying its only for the Astro B.yond users! Ughhhh!
I REALLY wanna watch Star King and Super Junior show!

ONE HD seems like SBS to me which is like the best Korean channel compared to KSB and MBC for me LOL
if only there was Strong Heart and Family Outing ):

But anyway, this is so unfair! They should allow ALL Astro users to watch it! )= Sigh. Looks like i gotta go bug my parents to buy Astro B.yond now. And I'm really positive that if they watch Star King they'd be so hooked on to it cause all the talented and extraordinary people appear there!

On question though, does this channel come with English subtitles like KSB World?

& sorry for the longggg comment though :P

amie.kamaludin said...

One HD do have family outing but they didn't show strong heart though. and yes, everything has malay subs. that's include inkigayo. kekeke! it was fun reading the malay subs while watching them performed.


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