Sunday, 5 September 2010

Rain wants to become a fighter pilot

Rain Korean singer
Catch me if you can...but i'm running away from enlisting...
until 2010 that is!

South Korea's top star Rain (real name Jung Ji-hoon) was originally called to enlist for military service on 28 September 2010. However, the celebrity has requested to postpone his enlistment to next year (2011).

Rain has also stated his preference in serving in the Air Force during his 2-year service. According to a report on Newsen, Rain has a high chance serving in the Air Force, much like fellow celeb Jo In-sung. So Rain wants to become a fighter pilot!

Rain's reason for postponement is that he is busy shooting his latest drama Fugitive and is also in the midst of pursuing his graduate degree at Dankook University. It is reported that his postponement has been accepted by the MMA (Military Manpower Administration).

Rain wants to join the Air Forces? Liz is already imagining Bi in TOP GUN style sun-glasses, a white tee and jeans. Hahahaha...

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Credits: Newsen


Joo said...

uuuu AIR FORCE ! me lovee

Liz said...

Rain, I'll be your wingman :)

Anonymous said...

Oh great. The Spud Racer zipping over the skies of Korea.

betterthanholly said...

Guys, a huuuge scoop I got a hold of!

Rain and popular idol group U-Kiss will head on over to the Philippines on September 11th to perform for fans at the SM Mall of Asia at 8PM!!

Wish I could fly there this weekend...

Liz said...

Oooh, the Filipinos are so lucky! :)


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