Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Lovers in Paris (2004)

Korean title: 파리의 연인 (Pa-ri-ui Yeon-in)

What’s popping:

It’s rare that I reach home by 6pm, but I did yesterday and caught an episode of this drama. The main stars are Park Shin-yang (박신양) and Kim Jeong-eun (김정은), who has really pretty eyes.

Of course, I didn’t know heads or tails as I was thrown right into the middle of all the commotion. People were falling into a swimming pool, a young man told an elder to get lost and the heroine was fired by the hero boss. Then there was that issue about a camera.

I noticed that two actors from Sang Doo! Let’s go to School (상두야, 학교가자!) were also in the drama. Lee Dong-geon (이동건), who played the doctor and Jeong Ae-ri (정애리), who played Eun Hwan’s mother respectively in Sang Doo! appeared as mother and son here.

The plot:

Han Ki-joo is the president of a motoring company and Kang Tae-young is a film student. She works for Ki-joo as a housekeeper (she really needs the money) but is quickly fired by him…then re-hired as his pretend girlfriend when he discovers that she is friends with the wife of a potential business partner. Also, she gets her job as his housekeeper back (girlfriend, you gotta make better deals next time).

Oh, the couple fall for each other, of course. After all, he is smart and brimming with charisma, while she is warm, spontaneous and bubbly. They become smitten with each other but that leads to a difficult break-up…in Paris.

Watch it:

  • Astro PRIMA (Channel 8)
  • Monday to Thursday
  • 6pm with repeats at 5am & 9am
  • The best part is, you get to toggle the audio between Mandarin and Korean
  • Subtitles are in Bahasa Malaysia


Azura said...

I've seen this drama. Not bad. But you missed out one name of the main character. His name is Lee Dong Gun, the nephew to Kim Jung Eun (in the drama). He's one of my favourite Korean actor :D

Liz said...

Eh Azura, I did mention Lee Dong-gun, but spelt it Lee Dong-geon ;-). He also starred in Sang-doo, Let's Go to School.

If you like him, you should try and watch that drama too. It stars Rain as well.

Azura said...

Oopss..sorry Liz...didn't read properly..hehe. This drama Let's Go to School, was it shown on 8tv before? The title sounds familiar.

Actually my number 1 favourite actor is Jang Dong Gun (their name almost the same, eh). His famous drama is All About Eve. I like his character in this drama *drooling* :D and his famous movie is Taegukgi (with Won Bin...cun jugak :D)

Ok, i better stop here... :D

Liz said...

I'm not sure if Sang Doo was shown on 8TV, but I have the DVD ;-)

Ah yes, Jang Dong-gun! I have not watched Taegukgi or All About Eve. I was unfortunately introduced to Dong-gun through Chen Kaige's horrible wuxia disaster, The Promise.

Man, that movie sucked big time. :-P

Orchid said...

Azura, i know Jang Dong-gun too...cos he is the Giordano model. :-)


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