Thursday, 21 June 2007

Weather report: Rain in LA on June 30

The verdict has been delayed, but no matter what happens, superstar Rain (비) will go ahead with his Los Angeles concert on June 30. Everybody, rejoice!

To be held at the Staples Centre, Rain a.k.a the Energizer Bunny (because he keeps going, and going, and going…) promises a “natural, gorgeous, imaginative, sensible and sexy 2-hour show.”

The 24, going on 25-year-old, singer/actor gave an exclusive interview to Korea Times on June 18 in Los Angeles.

The charming star talked about the significance of his LA concert. “It’s my dream city. It’s the first city of my USA journey and it’s near the sea. There are lots of places to go to, that’s why I like it. I love LA.”

The US leg of Rain’s I’m Coming World Tour was supposed to kick off in Hawaii, but due to a legal dispute over the use of his stage name “Rain”, the concert was postponed.

On preparations for the concert, Rain said: “Three hundred tonnes of equipment was transported from Asia. We are preparing for the best performance, so it’s going to be a perfect show.

“I want to make the audience feel great. I’ll do my best and hope my fans have lots of fun. I want them to feel that the 2-hour show is as short as a 2-minute show,” he added.

The Energizer Bunny will be celebrating his 25th birthday on June 25, but he won’t be partying up anytime soon.

“Normally, I don’t really celebrate it if I have work to do,” he said of his non-existent birthday plans. “I need to meet up with some people for my USA album. Also, I have to prepare for my concert, so my birthday should be a busy working day.”

Dang it, Rain, you mean we can’t have a soju-drinking session on your birthday?


Orchid said...

So did Rain speak in English in the interview? I am waiting for the day when he "breaks out" in English. I think he will be speaking English real soon! :-)

Liz said...

Ugh, why do you keep asking me difficult questions? I wouldn't know as I wasn't the one interviewing him!!! (If only wishes came true).

I got the news from MJJH ( It's a good site to keep up-to-date with the Energizer Bunny.


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