Thursday, 19 July 2007

Here's your shot at stardom

And guess what? Your co-star will be none other than the Energizer Bunny! Yes, all you hopefuls out there, Lotte Duty Free shop is looking for beauties to appear opposite their spokesman Rain (λΉ„) in an upcoming commercial! Sweet!

Here's how it's going to happen:

  • The search is on from July 13 to Aug 9
  • Be a customer at Lotte Duty Free shop
  • Take a pic (make sure you rock it) at the special photo booth in the shop (MyongDong and Jamsil)
  • Log on to the contest page

Five lucky chickadees will be chosen for the chance of a lifetime. Filming will be in Sept 2007 and the organisers will be providing a 3D/2N hotel stay for the chosen ones. Apparently, those living outside
Korea can apply as well, but a quick glimpse of the site will crush all hope as it is entirely in Korean.

Sorry friends, I don’t know the procedures an overseas applicant should take. However, you can go to The LotteDFS Honorable Model Contest (yeah, that’s the name of the competition!) page to check things out. If you know the steps an overseas hopeful can take to enter the contest, share it here please.

All the best, people! Go on now, and vogue!


Orchid said...

Oh i wan! i wan!

But you need to go to the Lotte Duty Free shop in MyongDong and Jamsil to take the pic? Alamak! That's in Seoul.

Can't we go to Good Morning Mart to take the pic instead? * lol *

Well, all the best to the winner then!

Liz said...

Yeah so unfair. hey Lotte, if you want a pair of sisters, look no further ;-P

Alexander said...

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Liz said...

Huh? Dude, that's like completely unrelated to my post. Get with the program! ;-)


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