Sunday, 29 July 2007

Korean snacks

Today the K-popped Sisters went to watch The Simpsons Movie and we also went to the supermarket to stock up on instant noodles. Check out the Korean snacks we brought home.

We found that they have many types of Pepero at Cold Storage Supermarket, The Curve. You've gotta try these Almond Pepero - chocolate coated biscuit sticks with bits of almonds on it. You will not go back to your normal Rocky anymore! :-)

Have any of you tried these Almond Pepero? They are priced at around RM3.49 if i remember correctly. About twice the price of a normal box of Rocky (chocolate or strawberry flavour).



lanatir said...

Peppero day is coming soon... don't forget to buy me some!

Orchid said...

There is a Pepero Day??

When is that?

lanatir said...

pepero day is on 11/11 every year bcos 11/11 looks like pepero. it's like the 3rd valentine's day in korea. the 1st and 2nd are red day and white day (14/2 and 14/3 respectively).

Orchid said...

Oh...ok. Thanks lanatir! :-)

Valen said...

I love pepero! I only go for that and not other chocolate sticks.


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