Monday, 30 July 2007

Se7en all set for US

Come August, Korean R&B sensation, Se7en, is set to make his US debut.

On June 30, the singer successfully completed his Japan tour, which covered Nagoya, Osaka and Chiba prefecture.

And now, Se7en is ready to show the Americans what he's got. The young man is determined to rise to the challenges and obstacles that plague many an Asian star, such as the mess Rain encountered earlier.

Se7en's off to the Land of the Free next month, equipped with pretty good English (I hear) and a whole lot of determination. Here's hoping he won't be getting the same kind of "welcome" Rain received.


Orchid said...

BoA and Se7en heading for a big break in the US! Wow.

How is Se7en's schedule like?

Siti said...

I like Seven cuz he is better than Rain. I am sure he will success in America!

rose said...

this is more like it! How come you guys have so little on Se7en? More, more, more!!!!


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