Monday, 2 July 2007

Stormy weather for Rain

Don’t you hate being right sometimes? When it Rain(s), it pours. As Netizens would already know by now, Rain’s highly-anticipated Los Angeles concert on June 30 was cancelled just hours before showtime!

Fans who arrived at the Staples Centre – where the concert was supposed to be held – were disappointed, Rain was devastated and apologetic and The Cloud all over the world gathered to show their undying support for the star.

Scour the net and the news is that the Energizer Bunny (‘cos he keeps going and going, and going) was insistent that his concert go on as scheduled up to the very last minute, even if the stage wasn’t completed (told you so!). However, it is also reported that there were permit, stage equipment and ticket sales issues. Oh, so complicated.

Rain’s name is tainted but he should just do like the Americans do and sue the local concert organiser for shoddy preparatory work. That would teach ‘em a lesson. What say you?

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Orchid said...

Yeah, i was so disappointed with the news that Rain's concert in LA had to be cancelled at the very last minute.

Concert goers who bought the ticket must be so disappointed and some even furious. I know i would be very sad. But i am sure die-hard fans who truly know his character would know that he personally would have done his utmost best to ensure the concert went ahead as planned. I guess it was out of his control and he must be devastated. I am sure he knows how bad he would look if yet another one of his concerts got cancelled!

After so many cancellations maybe Rain should look to work with new people in terms of stage management and concert organizing. Poor guy.


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