Thursday, 16 August 2007

TVXQ/ DBSK/ Tohoshinki

Which basically means, Rising Gods of the East.

OK final word on how to address this group: will be using TVXQ (Tong Vfang Xien Qi) even if their Korean moniker is DBSK (Dong Bang Shi Ki) because they are known as the former here in Malaysia.

TVXQ performing in KL in July 2006 - Photo courtesy
of Michael Sin of Babyboss Pictures

They were the first Korean act to hold a concert in Malaysia! The highly-anticipated concert called Rising Sun 1st Asia Tour was held at Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil on July 14, 2006! (Were you there? We weren't because we weren't K-popped yet).

The quintet made their very first public appearance on Dec 26, 2003 during the BoA and Britney Spears' showcase in Korea. The following year, they released their debut album, Tri-angle.

At one point, the group's agency SM Entertainment considered adding a Chinese member to help boost the quintet's popularity in other countries, but the idea was quickly scrapped after much opposition from fans!

TVXQ was kept really busy in 2005 as they released a few Japanese singles and their 2nd Korean album Rising Sun. Promotional activities for the album were inclusive of the tour mentioned above.

At the press conference in KL last year - Photo courtesy
of Michael Sin of Babyboss Pictures

After that, it's back to the recording studio for the guys as they prepared their 1st Japanese album - Heart, Mind and Soul - released in 2006. In March this year, the band released their 2nd Japanese album, Five in the Black.

Earlier this month, the group's latest single Summer Dream topped the Japanese music chart. The boys have been holding performances in Japan from May until July.

Apart from that, the busy, busy bees also kicked-off their 2nd Asian tour in Feb 2007, after the release of their 3rd Korean album - "O" - Jung.Ban.Hap.

TVXQ held its second concert in Malaysia on Nov 24, 2007.

Stage name: Hero
Real name: Kim Jae-joong (김재중)
Date of birth: January 26, 1986
: Main Vocals

Stage name: U-know (유노)
Real name: Jung Yun-ho (정윤호)
Date of birth
: February 6, 1986
Position: Baritone, Leader

Stage name: Micky (믹키)
Real name: Park Yoo-chun (박유천)
Date of birth: June 4, 1986
Position: Bass-baritone

Stage name: Xiah (시아)
Real name: Kim Jun-su (김준수)
Date of birth
: December 15, 1986 but registered on January 1, 1987
Position: Baritenor
Religion: Seventh-day Adventist

Stage name: Max
Real name: Shim Chang Min (심창민)
Date of birth: February 18, 1988
Position: Tenor
Religion: Buddhism



  • Tri-angle (2004)
  • Christmas Gift from Dong Bang Shi Ki (2004)
  • Rising Sun (2005)
  • "O"- Jung.Ban.Hap. (2006)
  • MIROTIC (2008)


  • Heart, Mind and Soul (2006)
  • Five in the Black (2007)
  • T (2008)
  • The Secret Code (2009)

And loads and loads of singles.

TVXQ Exclusive on K-popped! : Concert in Malaysia review

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venel_natasha said...

i really like amizing dance and song..i'm also already wacth they concert at JAPAN..5 MEN IN THE BLACK...they all full of giving from GOD so hope successfull always and what ur do may God what the new story from u all?Micky dont so sad..why u sad in the end of ur concert at Japan? so touchfull looking the Consert..i dont believe also ur guys crying..but no wonder hope u all successfull k...

krazeemiss said...

hmm..i wonder why it isnt updated...yea i like tvxq too since they have good vocals,strong powerful dances and great sure a big fan of them.they r so humble unlike some big names celebs where they r so stuck up.... currently they have a Japanese album title 'T' released in January and the first single off it is Purple Line.they also have that song in korean! now they r touring around Japan and will soon fly back to Korea to record their 4th Korean album! aza aza hwaiting boys! =]

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was googling TVXQ and this came up on the first page. My favorite group of all time! All so talented! Great vocals, great dance, great songs, great personality, great looks ^__^! Love them so much.

margeena said...

i rEally like dbsk and i am HopIng to caTch thEir next coNcert in mAlaysia.. so 여러분 (yOroBun/everYone).. do Let me knOw if thEre are woRd aboUt the upComing coNcert! hehe!

p/s: i'Ve onLy just staRTed to leArn hAnGul..;)

Li-Jin said...

Dong Bang Shin Gi music "One" is one of my favorites. I listen to it daily .

Jiyon said...

Please Vote for TVXQ.
We are loosing to Super Juniors right now!!

Anonymous said...

this seriously needs to be updated!
DDSK introduced me to kpop..or they introduced me to their style of kpop, it's brilliant! I love their music!

Anonymous said...


ketix said...

Congratulation 4 your TVXQ..........
Your the best singer in Asia n i hope u can go international so u will famous in the word n i conviced it...
Thax 4 TVXQ cause u give me happy when i sad n give me support when i down with ur song.........

Anonymous said...

i love you dongbangshinki!
they rock
i hope they will last forever

Anonymous said...

I JUST LOVE THEM more everyday. CALL ME A TVXQ JUNKY... they are addictive like drugs... I need to fix myself to YOUtube everyday. I am from Singapore. I actually saw their poster for the 2006 concert in KL and thot they are some HOngkong Act. Well I was not DONGBANGfied then (hehee) I even remarked that they put on too much makeup. But less than a year later, not knowing then that the poster in KL was the same group, what do you know for some reason they crossed my path on the net by accident. I trailed them like mad & last year in 2007, I saw them in KL. Was smack infront of the revolving part of the stage & thot i died several times especially when Yunho looked at me with the camera (yeah I dogged those bad guys who screamed at us with cams). KL concert made me hungry for more. I begged, grovel & slaved for cash (legal ways hehe) and went to their T concert in Japan. Yeah - plus loans I have yet to pay HAHAHA. It cost me my next 5 years fortune but I DID NOT REGRET ONE SINGEL BIT. My only fear is - their Japanese concert is not world tour and they are SO SO GOOD... I might just be crazy and do it again.

Seeing them in Malaysia and in Japan is way so different. They connect with their fans cos they speak the language... that was missing in KL. No surprise because in the midst of the fans - there are so many non Japanese like me. I met some who even flew in from US...The best thing I like about TVXQ is their sincerity & commendable personalities. You just know they are not fakes.... like some other groups or artistes who do it for commercial reasons. 4-5 years already as a group, yet they are not tainted by their star status & global popularity. They truly care & love their fans. And the love they have for each other is just amazing.



Sorry Malaysia for writing the longest comment - I am an addict, told you so.
Sorry TVXQ for not knowing quality when i first saw the poster in KL. You guys are truly GODS - I feel i am punished - But I LOVE IT hehehehe !!!

Anonymous said...

i love tvxq.its my favourite band.i wish i could see them but i am from romania .

sashi said...

ooooh they are my favorite artist and i love all about them .. their voices , their performances , their music and all of them are georgeous!! <3

Anonymous said...

hoping to go see them in concernt this coming up year,.... ^^

Hollywood bowl heck ywes. Gosh i love that longest comment right ter, she make me blush so hard but all i have to say is..

NO!! YUNHO loves me more.. heheh watch i will jump on stage and attempt to dance with him.. altho i will fail miserably but i love DBSK!!!

DBSK hwaiting always.. LOL :DDD

MEi Mi <33 Changmin oppah XD
Renii <33 Yunho oppah :D

Ladies btw we are their Future... Wifey..

smiles smiles..

Anonymous said...

hoping to go see them in concernt this coming up year,.... ^^

Hollywood bowl heck ywes. Gosh i love that longest comment right ter, she make me blush so hard but all i have to say is..

NO!! YUNHO loves me more.. heheh watch i will jump on stage and attempt to dance with him.. altho i will fail miserably but i love DBSK!!!

DBSK hwaiting always.. LOL :DDD

MEi Mi <33 Changmin oppah XD
Renii <33 Yunho oppah :D

Ladies btw we are their Future... Wifey..

smiles smiles..

Anonymous said...

hoping to go see them in concernt this coming up year,.... ^^

Hollywood bowl heck ywes. Gosh i love that longest comment right ter, she make me blush so hard but all i have to say is..

NO!! YUNHO loves me more.. heheh watch i will jump on stage and attempt to dance with him.. altho i will fail miserably but i love DBSK!!!

DBSK hwaiting always.. LOL :DDD

MEi Mi <33 Changmin oppah XD
Renii <33 Yunho oppah :D

Ladies btw we are their Future... Wifey..

smiles smiles..

Anonymous said...

I'm Lisa..

I like DONG BANG SHIN KI so much,
specially to Kim Jae Jung..

Jae Jung Oppa it's so CUTE, HANDSOME, GOOD VOICE, n good cooker..


Anonymous said...






Anya said...

It's looks like,
gotta introduce myself...

that's a line from my favorite DBSK song, purple line...

i may be filipino, but i still love k-pop!

DBSK fighting!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i dont mind dongbangshinki but i still prefer big bang. hehe..

go dbsk!!!
go big bang!!!!

sLaZ said...

i definitely love Dong Bang Shin Ki. not just because their drop-dead gorgeous looks but also some other reasons. They've got style, brilliant brains, strong physics, wonderful voices, awesome dances, great songs, various magnificent personalities and they are also really funny. i love watching them playing at some game shows like X-man and other shows. I collect some of their shows and i laugh a lot when i watch it. i never feel bored with it and watch it over and over again. U-know Yunho is such a great leader of TVXQ and also so good in everything, he can dance, he can rap, he can do sports and i think up until now he's still the best player in game shows. Xiah Junsu, i like the way he laugh. i think his voice sounds funny and his expression looks really funny too when he laugh. from what i see, he has such a great personality and i also think that he could be such a great man for his girl. Choikang Changmin or MAX, he's funny too and cute sometime. i really laugh out loud when i watch him in Banjun Theatre when he acts as a Eunuch and has to bang his head to ring the gong, haha.. so funny when he's exploded cos they keep NG and he has to do it over and over again. Hero Jaejoong, at first i thought that he's such a quiet person and so cool. but when i watch him in dibidibidib game show, i laugh a lot. he's such an unpredictable person, suddenly can do something funny spontaneously. and i love when he sings ''the way you are'' in buddha version. Micky Yoochun, i think he's a calm person. he acts smoothly but can be unpredictable too sometime. all of them are really great and amazing men. i'm amazed by each of them, they're still so young but they're very talented and they're all have succeeded rising up the name of TVXQ. and now they become Asia's idol, that's huge! love them so much! wishing them all the best in everything for their present and future lives.

Anonymous said...

Forever Five.

wawa said...

they are my FIRST love... got hooked by them since september 2008 when they released their 4th korean album, mirotic! yeah, i'm totally a weirdo since i need to wait till their 4th album before i became their fan... hahaha! heard of them for the first time in 2006 when one of my friend talked bout TVXQ... when i saw their pictures, i was like: ERK... NOT INTERESTED! THEY ARE NOT GOOD LOOKING! hihi... especially Joongie's bleach blonde hair :p

when people kept talking bout their upcoming 4th album last year (including your blog), i was getting curious coz why is it a big deal??? then i tried to check out their mirotic mini concert on YouTube before they released the album and BOOM! first thing came to my mind: gosh,they are so talented and damneeeee GOOD LOOKING!!! and the best thing was, i got hooked by JaeJoong who i thought ugly at first. yewp, i'm chewing back what i said... LOL! bianhe TVXQ! bianhe Jaejoong ssi... woot-woot!

now, i'm a full time TVXQ's stalker... hahaha! my day is not complete if i don't listen to their songs or at least watch their videos!!! they really brighten up my day...

TVXQ... saranghae!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol here is my similar experience.

ive briefly heard of them since 2006/2007 when they had their concert(s) in kl. i was all 'oh whatever they look gay n r SO Not hot/cute'. then i saw them on music station with koda kumi performing last angel n i thought they kinda looked like backup singers & dancers to koda kumi. [i was very into jpop back then] then last year my friend asked me to watch purple line mv preview. i thought Yunho was DAMN HOT. but i wasnt interedted in the rest of the guys especially jaejoong .. i still thought he was gay-looking. i didnt bother remembering the other names . i couldnt wait for the rest of the mv to come out cos i wanted to see more of yunho's hotness. lol. after tht i followed all their other japanese releases n eventually i realised their individual talents n charms. n i regretted not liking them earlier cos maybe i couldve seen them live in concert or something.rofl. then in sept they released mirotic. this is the first korean album i heard from dbsk . [i nvr listened to the previous albums] i now think they r freaking awesome n jaejoong is extremely hot. he is one of my favs next to yunho , of course. xD
i hope our petition worked n maybe they will come for their mirotic concert.

Anonymous said...

i've first heard of them when they had sung the song Purple Line i think lol. but that is when they became my favorite. and i saw the PV for the song survivor and OMG it's incredible, didn't they release a cd already?? they are really incredible how after the cd they released bolero and those other songs.

Clarissa said...

they're a fantastic group. I went for their first concert, and it was the bomb! Never enjoyed a concert so much in my life.

Them being drop-dead gorgeous helps =)

Anonymous said...

hello everyone!

I'm so thrill reading all of ur post. makes me feels like to join in. I'm from Miri, Sarawak and I'm a nuna and bigfan for boybands during my olddays...[time of BSB, 911, Nsync, FIVE and westlife rule the scene]...but then, I went to college and didn't care much anymore about boybands [thought that I was too old for those things]...But I was wrong, I was introduce to DBSK. That time I was crazy with Rain due to FULLHOUSE, and went crazily searching for rain in the net. and so, and I found out about this new group...TVFXQ...what's with the name? I thought. [ dont care 'bout it that time]. Looking at their young face, I just not interested. I thought their are too young for me, and that time I just say...those are for the younger generation..[during that time I haven't hear them sing]...but a few months later, one of my fren who are kpopfan, come into my room and say she has kpopMv and wonder if I wanna to watch it together. It was Hiyaya MV. but still i not so into them...[just found out their name only]...hwr, due to boringness in the campus life, I borrow the DBSK's CD - Heart Mind and Soul from friend and listen to it.....there is it!!!!....they just a virus that attack my harddrive! I have fall in love again ....listening to their voice is a feeling of unexplainable. It just prove one thing, DBSK's does need their looks to capture your heart....their singing are so powerful that makes your heart pumping. After that, I went crazily downloading their MV, Mp3 and variety shows. less that 3 months I have already become the uncureable one. I almost got 1 of my final paper fail because of it. MY day wouldn't end without seing them....because of this, I totally understand how do you guys feels for those who just got infected by DBSK's virus.....I'm so glad that they become more and more popular these days and I very proud of what they have achieved so far. I wish they be DBSK forever. ...and I'll be supporting them forever..

DanielQ said...

It seems tat there was concert in stadium Merdeka,KL 2007 n i miss it..

Rumours has it tat there will appear this year or maybe next year again n do a concert..

Can sum1 plz bookmark me n inform me when is d day when they will reappear in Malaysia for a concert.. Dying here; noewing tat i n my darling miss d 2007 Concert.. It'll be so great if sum1 wer to keep updating me on current issues on TVXQ/TBSK. I'll be more then happy tat sum1 is kind enuf to do so.. PLEASE N THANK YOU..^^

my email:

ryneil said...

OMG!!! it's TVXQ!!! i just love them especially u-know yunho, choikang changmin n micky yoochun... i love jae jong n xiah junsu too but random saw them act in DBSK banjun drama...

Anonymous said...

they had release their latest album secret code and 27th japanese single, share the world. hope u all have heard it. what a nice song!! i love survivor and taxi! mirotic is also the best song. i remember all their steps =p i first know them when MTV promoting their rising sun album as they will having their first tour in Malaysia. really fall in love with jae joong in the first sight! haha...his cold expression with the black handsome! kyaa!!
but i do love all five of them. they can sing and dance as well. love jae joong voice when sing proud and love in the ice songs. tvxq hwaiting!!
love u 4ever!!
p/s: i heard that they will have a concert in Malaysia for their Mirotic album. is that true?? i can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

yess...all five of them are the perfect singers in asia of course! they can sing live with great vocal, great dance and also great looks! i will love them always and be their cassiopeia forever!
dbsk hwaiting! saranghaeyo!
Jae joong oppa!

muzik4lyf said...

I am totally obsessed with dbsk they are all so hawt and awsome! their songs are so emotional...i have alot of songs from dbsk! :)

DominicanCassiopeia said...



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