Saturday, 29 September 2007

Kim Yun-jin's comeback to the Korean big screen

Kim Yun-jin (김윤진), the South Korean actress who became a World Star when they created a role for her in ABC's hit television series Lost, will be making a comeback to the Korean big screen in the movie Seven Days (세븐 데이즈). The movie which was shot in Korea will be released on 14 November 2007.

Seven Days is directed by Won Sin-yeon (원신연) who directed last year's movie "A Bloody Aria". In the crime thriller, Kim plays a lawyer who, in order to save her daughter, is pressured into defending a man who faces the death penalty. From the title, i take it that Kim's lawyer character has seven days to prove the man innocent and save her daughter from certain death.

Here's a sneak peak at scenes from Kim Yun-jin's new movie.

Looking at the movie stills and from the fact that Seven Days sounds like a legal crime thriller, it reminds me of Julia Roberts in "The Pelican Brief". Kim has been referred as the Julia Roberts of South Korea.

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Movie stills from Naver.

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Liz said...

Oh so Kim Yun-jin is currently filming this movie. Kim Sun-ah was actually signed on for this movie as well, but then the deal fell through.

I'm not sure whether Kim Yunjin is replacing Kim Sun-ah or not.

sasjo said...

Kim Yun-Jin! Woo hoo!


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