Monday, 1 October 2007

Kim Hee-sun reveals wedding dress

Korean beauty Kim Hee-sun released photos of her wedding dress to the public. Hmmm...i thought the groom is not supposed to see the wedding dress before the wedding! Koreans do not follow this custom? Yes? No?

Do you like my dress?

I guess Kim got a lot off her chest after the hush hush engagement ceremony on 30th September. Finally, the date of the wedding has been officially announced on 19 October and preparations for the big day is on its way.

Kim Hee-sun (30) will marry Park Ju-yeong (33) the second son of the president of Larksang Group.

Kim Hee-sun's secret engagement ceremony
Kim Hee-sun's wedding dress
Wedding of the year?

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mcass said...

obviously she is a sell out, korean should wear whatever korean wears when they are marrying and not some western bridal wear.

ksw said...

Maybe this dress is for publicity...and she will have another on the real wedding day. Her real wedding dress.

Anonymous said...

In Korea they have the wedding photos before the wedding.

They usually have photos taken in a variety of clothes.

The traditional white weeding dress, western period dress, hanboks, evening wear, casual wear.

Then they put all the photos in a huge photo album.

At the wedding she will wear another white wedding dress, then change into a hanbok for a traditional ceremony with the parents, before coming out in a evening dress to great the guests.

Liz said...

Yeah, what's all the fuss??

Anonymous, Malaysian Chinese do that as well. They choose and pick a few wedding dresses and evening gowns for the huge photo book.

Lian said...

She looks great in her wedding gown


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