Thursday, 25 October 2007

Scandalous Ok So-ri


Orchid reported about a celeb couple divorcing after 26 years of marriage. At the same time, the Net is abuzz with another celebrity couple heading for Splitsville - Park Chul (39) and Ok So-ri (36).

Happier times: The celebrity couple looking forward to a lifetime together

While we don't know who these two are, their break-up is so scandalous, it just begs to be mentioned.

The showbiz couple have been married for 11 years and have an 8-year-old daughter together. Unfortunately, the wife strayed.

The sh*t hit the fan when Ok's business partner, Baek Jong-eun, revealed that the actress had an affair with an Italian chef, only identified as G.

“Ok introduced G to me as her English teacher, but I suspected she was lying because I wondered how a hotel restaurant chef could possibly have time to teach English after a busy day at work,” Baek said at a press conference held at the bridal consultancy company he co-owned with Ok.

“Two months earlier, they had their picture taken at the company. G saw Ok and Park’s photo on the wall and asked if he was Ok’s husband. Ok answered ‘You don’t need to look at it.’”

Enter G-Man: Alleged chef lover is on the left. Ok is all smiles.

Ok's secret rendezvous with G didn't go unnoticed by her husband. In fact, he initially thought wifey was getting it on with Baek!

"Two months ago, Park suspected I was Ok’s lover, because she used the excuse of working with me when she came home late. But we cleared up the misunderstanding, and Park politely apologised."

Unhappy biz partner: Baek spills the

Apart from that, the scandal is not doing any favours for the wedding business owned by Baek and Ok, especially since it's the peak wedding season.

“I think Ok deceived and exploited me as far as the business is concerned. I want her to make an official apology to me, my staff and my customers.”

Park filed for divorce on Oct 9 and has kept tight lipped about it, while Ok has disappeared from public view.

Hmmm, then why is Baek shooting his mouth off like nobody's business? Couldn’t he just have a closed-door meeting with Ok if he is unhappy with how her personal life has affected work?

Source: Digital Chosunilbo
Pics credit: Korea Times, Digital Chosunilbo

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Gail T. said...

love your comments. haha. it really is scandalous. i feel sorry for the daughter though to have her mother's dirty laundry aired out like that.

Anonymous said...

that's the way korean culture works.

Anonymous said...

she is not honest she should divorce before beatrayed

Blether said...

Well, if my husband didn't screw me more than once a year, I'd likely say "not important" when someone pointed out his picture, too. There's no evidence here that Ok was anything more than friendly with chef G.

Yes, I know she has confessed to giving in to her natural urges with someone else.

Anonymous said...

the bitch got what she deserved for being slut enough to date a foreigner

Anonymous said...

Who cares if she committed adultery, it happens all the time, cannot turn the clocks around, so whatever happened, happened. Its not they're going to get back together and live happily ever after. Haters for the people who support jail time.

M.johnson said...

She's a great lookin woman!! I'd have an affair with her, come on over honey!!

Terminal Clap said...

A ho is a ho. She'll have to face Korean law on adultery. If she wanted to spread her legs for another guy she should have divorced her husband first.

But nooooo.... women want men to be responsible but women don't expect responsibility out of themselves.

Clammy42 said...

It's a stupid law btw, as sad as it is, do you have any idea how many koreans cheat in korea? There are entire industries built on hiding it! I'm not saying I condone it or anything, I'm just saying it's a stupid law that would require a third of the adult married population locked up if they actually had to enforce it en masse.

Mi-gook Prof said...

For Clammy42 (uggh, nice name)

Let me see if I "get" your logic.

Apparently, if something happens a lot, there should not be a law against it.

Let's apply your "reasoning" to taxes.

"Do you have any idea how many Americans cheat on their taxes? There are entire industries built on hiding it! Making tax evasion illegal is a stupid law that would require most of the US population be locked up if they actually had to enforce it en masse."

If you want to cheat, get a divorce first. It's quite simple. The Koreans have this one just right. The Korean adultery statute doesn't usually lead to jail time, by the way; rather, it serves as "leverage" for the injured party to get a better divorce settlement, which makes perfect sense to me.

Compare that to the US "no fault" divorce, where a spouse can cheat, file for divorce, and run off with half of the marital assets after having destroyed a family and scarred both spouse and children.

I applaud the Koreans for not being talked out of their traditions by "progressive" Westerners.

Michael Flowers said...

What an intelligent comment! I had never thought of it like that. It was my understanding that the person that she cheated on with could also go to jail. Is that true? If so I would like to see you argue that one! The guy may not even know?!

Anonymous said...

so many sexist comments. so sad.

(This is a guy by the way)

Simon said...

"the bitch got what she deserved for being slut enough to date a foreigner"

you fcking idiot. So in your mind any Asian girl that dates a foreigner is a slut?

You are such an idiot.

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of racist, sexist fuckwad commentors! You really think it is as simple as just OK So-Ri cheating? Her husband was a drunk who never came home at night (and you can bet he cheated on her, too!) but SHE's the one who has to go to prison? that's fucked up. And what about the other guy involved?

Women are always being punished because it is men running the fucked up system.

Anonymous said...

>>>> Women are always being punished because it is men running the fucked up system.

Well. Not really. But then again, while "modern" western women are keenly aware of their "rights", they seem to be clueless and so uninformed as to their obligations...

and the result is a godless whorehouse. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

She's hot. I'd do her.

Anonymous said...

well, given all your idiotic comments about "western" vs. "korean" it is clear that you are worse than a "slut," you are ignorant and racist. Perhaps we should call you "Hitler" - I am sure you would want to kill all "whorish westerners" if you were given the chance. Yeah, that's right. Your racist comments are that stupid. Get it thru your clearly ignorant head - it's not about western or korean or foreign or anything - it's about whether it's ok to cheat when you're married, and whether korea's law uphold human rights or violate them. I know your little pea-brain can't comprehend this but just try to use the hamster in your empty head to make the distinction between your personal morals and the general concept of human rights whether you morally agree with it or not. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

It looks like her affair was with another Korean, Jung.

neeuqia said...

I tought she had an affair with an opera singer


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