Monday, 26 November 2007

Choi Ji-woo in an exquisite wedding gown

Did Choi Ji-woo tie the knot?'s another André Kim
fashion show!

Andre Kim, a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador held a fashion show - 2007 UNICEF Night on the 26th November at the Seoul Hyatt Hotel.

Kim as usual invited his close celebrity friends to model his creations. This time around, popular K-drama actress Choi Ji-woo donned Kim's brightly coloured ensembles.

Pics credit: Osen

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Anonymous said...

whoa the colors are just too much for me but I like the designs

and isnt HanKyung of Suju also modeling that night??

Cheers, blinkable

Orchid said...

Blinkable, I read there were 5 Hallyu stars modeling for Kim that night.

So it is quite possible that Hankyung of Soju was there too. But i can't recognize him. The male model in the first pic is also a star. He's not HanKyung right? Or is he? :-P

Liz said...

Ha ha ha, Orchid, it's SUju not SOju!! I know you're craving for some soju but keep it under control for our readers' sake, OK? :P

Anonymous said...

Choi Ji-woo looks pretty in those colorful gowns. Eventhough the gowns are way over the top like: Who would really wear those outside? But she can still carry them well. Good thing she has a pretty/natural face to balance those gowns.

Anonymous said...

I saw lots of Andre Kim's Fashion shows with all these beautiful South Korean actresses, but Choi Ji Woo was the most elegant & sophisticated. She's a very tall woman & that's one of the pre-requisite in professional modeling. Choi Ji Woo & Lee Jin Wook were the best pairing over all of the Andre Kim's fashion show. Perfect models.

Anonymous said...

I love Choi Ji Woo in Winter Sonata. She and BYG has a screen chemistry. I hope they pair together again. Love them both! I hope too that in real life they will be together.

Anonymous said...

My sentiment is the same. I wish Choi Ji Woo & Bae Yong Joon colla-borate again in another drama or movie. Their chemistry was superb in Winter Sonata. To me, they were the best drama couple. I also wish they'll be real life partner. They are both very nice looking & look very compatible. CJW & BYJ forever.

Anonymous said...

Choi Ji Woo & Lee Jin Wook are the best looking couple among Andre Kim's models. They are now dating in real life. I love this couple very much. I wish them the best.


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