Monday, 26 November 2007

Toilet talk in South Korea

We know how important it is to have good clean toilets, right? Public toilets in Malaysia are usually wet (yuck) and while in Beijing, I've peed without locking the door at a public toilet, not out of choice, mind you. That wasn't bad at all actually, as I've heard worst China toilet stories.

Two-storey toilet-shaped house: I'd like to see the feng shui
experts arrange the furniture in this one. Isn't everything
"flushed away" no matter where it's placed? Ha ha.

Anyway, the World Toilet Association kicked off its inaugural conference on Nov 22 in Seoul. The organisation hopes to launch a global "toilet revolution" with a mission to save lives by improving sanitation and break taboos about what happens behind closed bathroom doors.

Yes, I support the mission. Better toilets, better lives! Here's a look at what went on at the event.

Make music: A percussionist creates rhythm with the toilet

Sweet-smelling toilets: Who needs air refresherners
when you've got bouquets on toilet bowls?

Multi-coloured poo: Visitors could create these fecal-shaped
sculptures from clay. They could be turned into desk
ornaments of fridge magnets.

Claustrophobic: Man, how do you do your business in a toilet as "busy" as this?

Women's urinal: Ladies, anyone wants to pee standing up?

Source: Mainichi Daily News
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Rooster said...

Obviously a man designed that female urinal. Unless you have one of those funnel things, there is absolutely no way! Haha!

Off the hallyu but still about toilets, Taiwan has a toilet restaurant. Some things... should never mix.

kpop_rub said...

I agree--- how on earth can a woman pee like that? The pee drips all down your leg, it's terrible... Though I did have a friend who refused to pee sitting down... I dunno what her deal was hahaha so I guess with practice it's possible! The poo sculptures were a bit much! When my dog eats tinsel off the christmas tree his poo comes out similar colors and it's not a pleasant memory!
I have never been to Korea but I hope they have nice public restroom incase I ever decide to go! I hate nasty bathrooms-- hahah I've seen so many dramas and movies and such where the school bathrooms are just holes in the group people squat over. OH THE HORROR!!! I could not live like that >_< I wouldn't survive!!

Liz said...

Oh my goodness, I went and see the Taiwan Toilet Restaurant and they actually put your food in the toilet-shaped bowl??? Are you freakin' kiddin' me? Yucks.

momo_love_siwon said...

i'm just out of words..obviously...

Anonymous said...

oh i read this in the newspaper quite some time ago and found it hilarious!

I want the multicoloured poop tho..^^

Cheers, blinkable

ladida said...

I can just imagine some of the in-jokes that circulates inside that toilet-bowl shaped building ;> ..uh,women's urinal? like will it come w/easy-to-follow instructions on how to pee standing up w/o wetting yourself? :) aahh, i think the toilet rest would make more sense if they were catered to pet lovers, u know? anyhoo, this post is too amusing; u guys always know how to keep your blogs fun & fresh. Please continue to do what you do best!

Anonymous said...

Girls can use a regular urinal...go to www.stand2pee and sign up for the class!


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