Monday, 26 November 2007

Fuma Cake

"love Rain, love ai shang fei egg cakes"
... don't you forget it!

When Liz and Orchid were in Beijing, part of our K-popped! excursion was to find the Rain endorsed Ai Shang Fei Cake (爱尚非蛋糕) by China's snack brand Fuma (福马). Unfortunately the supermarkets we went to did not carry the product, but on a recent trip to Guangzhou my search was successful.

There are 3 flavours - strawberry, coconut and banana. Personally, I refuse to eat anything pink and, well, wasn't in a coconut mood that day so I bought a small box of banana flavoured Fuma Cake costing around RMB3.20 (RM1.60). The box contained 4 individually packaged cakes and a bio card of Bi.

Fuma cake...

...Bi must have been paid a goldmine to endorse this.

Moist layer cake with banana cream filling.

I must say this little roll of carcinogens had its synthetic flavours disguised pretty well... at first. The cake was moist and the cream filling smooth and creamy. Then the chemically aftertaste kicks in and the waxy texture (probably from the "cream") laces your tongue until lunch time. Okay, perhaps it wasn't so horrible, but no more Fuma Cake for me!

Bi endorsing snack food in Shanghai

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Liz said...

Yay, Rooster finally found Fuma Cake! After reading the review, thank goodness we didn't see it when we were in China :-P.

I guess Choco Pie is the better snack. We love Choco Pie!

Orchid said...

But Bi makes the cake look so yummy. ;-) Hahaha...

What's on Bi's bio card by the way? So cute the packaging and all. Yeah i'd go for banana too. Coconut? *yucks*

Rooster said...

The left side is some blurb about the cake's delicious (not!) flavours/textures.

Bi bio
Name: Rain
Real Name: Zheng Zhi Xun (Mandarin)
D.O.B: 25/6/1982
P.O.B: Seoul, Korea
Height: 184cm
Blood Type: O
Personality: Spirited and manly (haha, I think that's what it means)
Colour: Silver
Music Ideal: "Singing and dancing are my everything."
Mottos: Never give up, be hardworking and have patience.
Ideal Woman: Long hair, kind and tender personality.
Endorsed: Pepsi, Samsung Cellphones, Fuma Cake, SK Telecom, Pantech and DHC Cosmetics.

fraulein said...

I wonder if Rain knows the cake he endorsed tastes kinda yucky.

It kinda puts a dent on his good name, doesnt it ?

My sister fell sick after eating another brand of similar cream cake when we visited shanghai.


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