Friday, 9 November 2007

Korean star "sightings" in Wudaokou

Dear friends, Orchid wrote about our adventure to Beijing's Little Korea a couple of entries back and now, K-popped! brings you a report on the little bit of "star gazing" we did.

Check out the photo essay below to see which Korean stars we managed to "spot" while in Wudaokou, Beijing.

Choices, choices...where should we start our hunt for Korean stars?

Maybe at the Wudaokou Hotel? It doesn't look posh enough though :-P

We looked into alleyways as well, just in case the stars decide to dodge us

We "spotted" the first star at one of the shops after crossing this street

Hunky Hyun Bin advertises for LG phones
- the Black Label Series

The My Lovely Sam-soon heartthrob is currently Orchid's
fav actor and she is mesmerised by his charm

We saw the delectable Hyun Bin again (!) but this time in an advertisement
board at the entrance of a hair saloon! Want Hyun Bin's hairstyle?
Just pop your own risk :-).

At the clothing store called A Pop Line, we "spotted" another Korean star!

He's none other than Bi, the Energizer Bunny! Whoo hoo!

As we made our way back by subway...

We spotted Over the Rainbow actress Kim Ok-bin in a Renu
(multi-purpose solution for contact lenses) advert.

K-popped! is in Beijing, check out what they are up to:
Travelling to Wudaokou in Beijing

Song Hye-kyo on the cover of Chinese Cosmopolitan
K-popped! in Beijing

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kpop_rub said...

ahhh Hot stars! was that lee minwoo in the window of the salon too? I wish I was fortunate enough to have Korean star sightings where I live :)

Orchid said...

kpop_rub - where do you live?

kpop_rub said...

I live in Michigan, a lovely mitten shaped state in the East North Central United States.

Anonymous said...

Dude thats an old, old picture of Minwoo on that hairstyle place

Liz said...

Is Minwoo the one beside Hyunbin?

rainbowlove88 said...

ahhhh, got bi oppa! bi oppa! saranghaeyo!!

Icysnowqueen aka Teddy said...

Love Orchid, Love K-popped! Thanks for all the Hyun Bin's stuff!

Orchid said...

kpop_rub: Thanks for the link. I saw the map...Michigan sure is shaped like a little mitten. It's surrounded by the great lakes and very close to Canada.

Daniel Henney used to live in Michigan before relocating to South Korea? He was born and bred in Michigan? :-)


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