Saturday, 24 November 2007

Kim Jong-kook releases remake single

Kim Jong-kook is getting a head start in his comeback. The 30-year-old will only complete his military service duty in March 2008, but the former Turbo singer has released an online remake of the duo's single on Nov 23. It is entitled 2007 Reflection.

Turbo was a popular 90s dance duo and some of their hits were My Childhood Dream, Black Cat and Twist King.

Jong-kook's remake of his former group's tracks has two parts to it. Part One contains five songs about winter and includes Kim's hit One Man and the title track Reflection, which is arranged in two styles - acoustic and hip hop.

Meanwhile, Part Two is made up of sweet, sentimental melodies and other hit tunes from Kim. It will only be released in January 2008.

Both parts of the remake will be on sale online as well as on the shelves of music stores (in Korea) within a month of each other.

Source: KBS Global
Pic credit: Kim Jong-kook @ Soompi & KBS Global

Kim Jong-kook rips pants while delivering rice
Kim Jong-kook (profile)

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Anonymous said...

are you sure it's not may of 2008 that he's coming back? because if it's march, i'd die of happiness!!

Anonymous said...

i love kim jong kook! thanks for blogging about him :) can't wait for his return!

Liz said...

Hello anonymous1, KBS Global reported it as March you'd be doing some "dying" now? :-P

anonymous2, you're welcome :-).


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