Friday, 23 November 2007

Stars at the 2007 Blue Dragon Film Awards

Whoa, the 28th Blue Dragon Film Awards was televised live on KBS World (Astro Channel 303) just now.

Jeon Do-yeon picked up an award for Best Actress while Kong Sang-ho bagged the Best Actor trophy.

Here's a look at some of the arrivals.

Actress Kim Hye-soo was one of the
emcees of the show. Man, the rain just ruined
her sexy chiffon dress

Kim Ha-neul in a short satin (or is it silk)
purple dress. Her arm candy is Yoon Kye-sang
(don't you think the waist of his pants is a little high?)

Hallyu star Song Seung-hun is without a date?
And he brought flowers with him! What a shame ;-)

Mr. Perfect himself, Daniel Henney,
sports a new hairdo

Secret Sunshine co-stars, both award-winning actors,
Jeon Do-yeon (right) and Song Kang-ho (of The Host)

Err...why is Kim Tae-hee wearing a white
mushroom-like dress? Her date for the night
is Seol Kyeong-gu

My Girl actress, Park Shi-yeon's hairstyle makes
her head look tiny. Get bigger hair, girlfriend.

Is that fur I see on 200 Pounds Beauty actor Joo Jin-mo?
Thank goodness you're not in the US dude, or you'd
be pounced on by PETA like Rain.

Oh lookit, Jin-mo sshi's 200 Pounds Beauty
co-star Kim Ah-joong is decked out in fur as well!
Thank goodness they are in Korea, huh?

World star Kim Yun-jin shows off her S-line (slim figure)
in this slinky black number. Go easy on the bronzer/ body shine.

My Lovely Samsoon actress Jung Ryu-won in a
Grecian-inspired ensemble. It looks good, but she always
had to hold on to the dress for some reason or other.

Asia's most-wanted actress Im Su-jung
looking more like a high school girl than a 27-year-old.
Tell us where the Fountain of Youth is, Su-jung!

Pics credit: As stated on the pics. All sourced from Naver News.

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inquinn said...

love im soo jung's hair! but she looks fraillll. is she 39kg still?

Orchid said...

Oh my goodness, Daniel Henney is so tanned. I wonder if it's fake or real. Did he just go on a vacation?

I don't think Im Su-jung is still 39kg...she's gained some weight since.

Shirley said...

I totally lost interested in Daniel. Of course, he's beatiful but he becomes so boringg~~~~. Bad acting, speaks English all the time. Now I see, look is not all the matter. I'll put Daniel in my ignored list.

Koreans love fur, don't they. I love fur too haha.

jicks said...

I think Jung Ryeo Won was probably holding up her dress because the ground was wet.

You can see in some photos in particular Kim Hye Soo, the hem of her floaty cream number is all drenched- not a glam look (although she herself is classically beautiful.)

Orchid said...


We saw Jung Ryu-won holding up her dress while presenting an award (indoors) too.

fraulein said...

Jung ryeo won, im soo jung and jeon doyeon look gorgeous!

The rest - alright.. cld be better except for park si yeon.. what's wrong with her??

Kim tae hee looks like a meringue, good enuff to eat.

and bi didnt win right?

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed and proud of
Beautiful talented Korean Actresses in Korea .
Korean entertainment arena is profoundly growing each every day... Hope to see them in internationally world wide..

Anonymous said...

Me too,
I love Korean movies!!!!!
Can't stop watching them...
I think Korean Actors and Actresses deserves international recognition.
Most koreans are very humble..
never arrogant...
They are very good looking!
Thanks to these entertainers!!!

Anonymous said...

Korean actresses are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Korean actresses are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Kim Yunjin dressed like a Lady of CABARET in China town..
Showing nipples..
She is really a Joke of World class Joke..

Anonymous said...

Really her nipples and back baring crazy.

Nipple MA-DAME of cabaret china town some where in down towon fits her ...just right..
Wondering what's in her brain????

Anonymous said...

Me too..
It's a mystery how she got the part as " SUN" on Lost tv show...
She is kind of stupid to me..

Anonymous said...

Yunjin Kim being a Julia Roberts of a really funny Joke!
If she is Korean Julia Roberts..
then " Sandra Oh" must be Audrey Hepburn" of Korea !!!!
Kim Yunjin is maybe the Hurley... but not Julia Robers of Korea...

Anonymous said...

Sandra Oh might not be exposing her nipples ..and she doesn'e bragg like Yunjin Kim,
But Sandra Oh is a talented actress with BRAIN.
That's very important too without just showing off fancy gown, nipples and what ever..

Anonymous said...

Kim YunJin is not a good performer as an actress. That's for sure..
She is just very lucky to have a part As " Sun" on Lost tv show.
Sorry but she is definitely not an attractive one either prbable the worst looking one I've seen...
Most Korean Actresses are awsome..
beautiful,very good looking.

Anonymous said...

Where was actress " Lee Young Ah"
of Golden Bride???
I think she definitely deserves the best actress Award!!!
It is realy confusing because there's actually Two actress named " Lee Young Ah exactly with same name...Why???
Can any one clarify this situation..
I was so sure " Lee Young Ah" who played People's favorite drama
"Golden Bride" will received the
best actress award...

Lee Young Ah Fan.

Shin said...

I so love kim tae hee, but why is she wearing such a weird dress? Yikes.

Jeong Ryu Won is soooo pretty as usual!

Perhaps, Kim Yun Jin forgot to wear her favorite nipple covers and ended up exposing "it". lololol.


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