Friday, 2 November 2007

Kim Tae-hee is Korea's Angelina Jolie?

"One expression" actress Kim Tae-hee has been compared to Hollywood's pouty-lipped beauty Angelina Jolie. Can you believe that?

Hollywood's Angelina Jolie

The comparison comes after the 27-year-old actress displayed some nifty action moves in her latest flick Fight, a Korean movie similar to the Jolie-Pitt starrer Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Helmed by Han Ji-seung, the plot is about a couple in love who ends up in a no holds barred fight with each other.

Korea's Kim Tae-hee...nah, we're kiddin'. See, no one fell for that, right? Right?

Kim, who played the evil stepsister in Stairway to Heaven, starred opposite Seol Kyung-koo in Fight.

I wish I could watch the show to see what all the hype is about. What do you think? Can you imagine Kim Tae-hee as South Korea's Angelina Jolie? I can't because Kim is so delicate while Jolie has, like, raw sex appeal.

Source: KBS Global
Pics credit: Celebrity Hot Video & CYON idea

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rocketfuel said...

only angelina jolie can drink tea, hold a gun and a knife..and still look like a classic actress.(mr & mrs smith)

Jolie, classy, indifferent, strange, and beautiful...not sure if Kim Tae Hee even has the same walk as Angelina Jolie where her head is help up high.

It's quite a I have to see the movie.

Anonymous said...

absolutely not.

dena said...

omg noo angelina jolie like you said is like raw sex appeal, im a girl and not a lesb. but when i see her it's like :" dang she's hott!"

tae-hee not soo much(actually not at all)

LW said...

na...KTH is nowhere near Jolie's level of sexiness. She not even near Hyo-Ri's level yet how can they compared her with Jolie **shakes head**


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