Thursday, 13 December 2007

China dislikes South Korea?

Say it isn't so, people! Apparently, the world's next superpower, China, doesn't fancy South Korea. (Do they love North Korea to bits, then?)

Of all the neighbouring countries, the Chinese people's least favourite nation is South Korea. And this from a survey conducted by the International Herald Leader, a newspaper published by China's official Xinhua News Agency.

The results, which was released on Dec 10, showed that out of the 12,000 Chinese people polled, 40.1% said they dislike South Korea the most. Japan came in second (30.2%) as the Chinese's least favourite country.

Meanwhile, the Chinese's most-liked neighbour was Pakistan (13.2%), followed by Russia and Japan.

Moving on. What do the South Koreans think of China? They have more love for the nation than China has love for them. In a survey conducted by market researcher Millward Brown, 1,000 Koreans were surveyed on their favourite neighbouring country.

Naturally, U.S. ranked the first at 60.8% (the U.S. and South Korea were allies during the Korean War), while China ranked second at 44.0%. Russia came in third (41.4%), followed by Japan (35.6%).

Source: Digital Chosunilbo
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Dottie said...

This is a very sad statement and it is even saddening that the findings were released publicly! I have a student who is a Korean living in China and she often shares her 'shame' for being Chinese-korean because her Korean heritage, as she remembers it has always been mocked. At first I found this hard to believe with the prevalent Hallyu wave sweeping across Asia but I suppose this has only proven her worst fears. Thanks to K-popped for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they dislike South Korea but they dislike Koreans - Korean Chinese minority & Koreans. A lot of Koreans living in Beijing are not as sophisticated as portrayed in your drama. Many complain of violence & drunkenness and they look down on Chinese. Of course you can't taint everyone with the same brush.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that just because the poll says the Chinese dislike S.Koreans it's right for you to then suggest that they must like the N.Koreans... there's a bit of a flawed logic going on there.

Anon said...

Who the hell cares what the Chinese think? They are Communist anyway and just bitter and jealous that the South Koreans DEFEATED their Communist regime in North Korea and kept their democratic way of life and freedoms.

Kong Ja said...

I am not surprised at the results. Koreans, despite their modern nationalism, have always seen China as a big brother that contributed to their culture, language and to certain extent, bloodlines.

As for the Chinese disliking Koreans, I think it has to do with Korean rightists flaming at China. One of the most outrageous claim made by Korean 'historians' recently was that Chinese culture and language were created by Koreans! They even claimed Confucius was a Korean! This is despite the fact that the Korean language cannot function without Chinese vocabulary and Korean culture will be just another normadic tungus culture without Confucianism!

Charlotte said...

I'm not surprised. in my country, we've always "loved" foreigners no matter where they came. but somehow when koreans flocked here a lot of people who "bumped" into the "bad" koreans are having a really negative look at koreans. but at least we try not to generalize as much as possible because there are also "good" koreans (just like any other nationality - there's good and bad people)

kpop_rub said...

I thought all Asian countries hated eachother to a certain extent :-P I just know from hanging around asian forums that chinese-korean-japanese are constantly fighting about who is better, richer, has the more esteemed culture, better looking(haha) and this and that!
I'm just surprised that Korea beat Japan! I thought a good part of Asia was still pissed at the Japanese for wwii. And Pakistan is #1 well liked by the Chinese? That seems so random! I guess since the majority of these Chinese population is a long way off from the Pakistani border no disagreements ever arise!
I'm surprised that Korea likes the US the best.. are we even technically a "neighbor" ? I mean Alaska isnt TOO TOO TOO far from Korea but still-- Maybe that's the US government's puppet strings talking there. Very interesting article! Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that just because the poll says the Chinese dislike S.Koreans it's right for you to then suggest that they must like the N.Koreans... there's a bit of a flawed logic going on there.

Why would it be flawed logic anon? They were allies in the Korean War.

Anonymous said...

China likes my country woohooo.
Go Pakistan! lol.

blinkable said...

oh and to think we just watched the Korea-China Friendship Concert where there is this song..

"Beijing..Seoul...Seoul...Beijing.." *LOL*

ladida said...

i'm curious about the motivation behind the survey; anywayz, i'd be very interested to hear some of the general comments made based on the voting results. Plus a lil background info on the voters would be nice too -- age/gender/educational level/occupation/income

Pully said...

this is quite funny. My Chinese suitmate hate Korean for no reason.

Anonymous said...

That's rather depressing.

I suppose that's what one gets when you are so close to each other. Russia and Pakistan are far enough away to be "liked" w/o too many consequences. Japan, while have caused a ruckas during WWII, is also a sea away.

As for Korea, despite having once fought by their side in WWII, is close by and there are a number of Koreans settled permenantly in China - enough to run into one a lot more than other races. After all, after the war, many Koreans chose to remain in China. It's a real pity it had to turn out this way.

You can't blame one or the other I suppose....but I can't help by shake my head at the ridiculous nature of this survey. It's inherently racist and will sow nothing but seeds of resentment b/w countries.

No good will come out of this poll for certain. Chinese who already hate Koreans will be happy to see they are not alone. Chinese who never met a Korean will now have pre-concieved notions about them. Koreans in China will be hurt and be even less inclined to assimilate into a culture that dislikes them. And Korea as a country will deeply resent being singled out by a country that they've generally looked up to throughout their history.

I'd really like to know a bit of background on Chinese-Korean relations in China now.... For certain it would explain why the Chinese I meet either tend to like me right away or hate me before I even say hello....

Anonymous said...

1)F*ck China. I'm not saying this out of ignorance and I'll tell you why.
2)China made Korea a f*cking tributory, don't you dare say Koreans looked up at China like a big brother, thats an insult on the Korean people who wanted to be free from the f*cking chinks.
3)China itself is an ignant nation.
4)They still exploit Korean women.
5)They never praised or thanked the great Yi Soo Shi, as where the Japanese people paid their RESPECTS.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

And yes, IMAGE MATTERS, S. Korea needs a good image to get as much supporters as they can so the f*cking chinks wont be able to take control of Korea's media. Don't be China's b*tch, f*cking weak people can't pack a punch. They fund so much money on military just to pose a threat to Korea and Japan, do i smell another tributory system? Enough is enough, iv'e had it with their attitudes. ANTI-CHINK.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My name is Jay Kwon, I am a 2001 USC graduate, my field of study was/still is History. I've studied with other historians/archaeologists across Asia and Europe, specifically France and Germany. I do apologize for my early rants, but facts do not lie. I say this because archaeological findings in Manchuria contains Korean artifacts, which dates further back than China itself. The line has been drawn once Chinese historians tried to DISTORT the Korean history.

Orchid said...

Hello Jay Kwon. Thanks for the introduction. You may rant, but please use language that sounds less abusive to a particular race, country or society.

If your field of study is history and archeology, then you would have the facts to provide an informative and intellectual discussion. But your previous comments seem abusive and uncouth.

We will delete any comments that is demeaning and that will cause any unnecessary arguments.


Clammy said...

There are plenty of historical reasons for each of the 3 major mainland asian countries to hate each other. Whether it's the Japanese occupation of Korea and Manchuria from 1910-1945, Korean historians laying claim to parts of chinese history, chinese history laying claim to parts of korean history, or (this ones is bad) japanese historians laying claim to BOTH. There's the Japanese glossing over their occupation in the history books, the lack of apologies for anything anyone has done to eachother, the fight over who's women are prettier (KOREAN!!), even the economic pride being shifted around as Korea takes the crown as tech leader over Japan while China becomes one of the largest economic giants in the world.

The fact is, each of our countries have enormous amounts pride for our countries and histories. Even when we don't KNOW the histories, we are raised to be proud of it. Unfortunately, sometimes this means stepping on other countries prides. We all know that many Koreans, even ones, still resent the Japanese for what they did less than a century ago. I'm Korean with many Japanese friends and I love going to Japan but I still struggle with knowing what the Japanese, as a nation, did to my ethnic country. (I'm actually surprised that the Chinese rank Japan higher than the Koreans.) I have Chinese friends too but have no problem with them or the countries history other than the whole communism thing. (In fact, this weekend I"ll be hanging out with chinese, white, korean, and japanese friends all at once!).

Honestly, Korea would not have it culture without the Chinese. I'll argue that the Korean culture split off onto it's own but we did get Confucianism and Buddhism from China at one point, as well etiquette and some forms of art. The likely-hood is a lot of Koreans migrated from the north east provinces of China. This added to the fact that the KOREAN Kingdom of Goguryeo extended far north into north east China means that we do share a common history to an extent. There were more disputes when some Chinese historians claimed that Goguryeo was actually a chinese kingdom and not Korean.

Point is, our histories are all intertwined. The disdain really stems from our own individual national and ethnic pride.

THAT being said....


Liz said...

Yeah, Jay Kwon thank you for commenting but please do so intellectually.

Being a student of History, I'm sure more would listen to you if you have solid facts to support your argument, rather than blasting every Chinese Tom, Dick and Harry with your emotional rants ;-).

Hey, we'll listen (and we are Chinese, by the way) but if you get verbally abusive, your message just won't get across.

With that said, go Clammy, go.


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