Wednesday, 12 December 2007

JYP and Kim Hye-soo in "That house you live in"

JYP gets together with sexy Kim Hye-soo (Part II)

JYP and Kim Hye-soo getting jiggy with it

Here's a sneak peak of Park Jin-young's up and coming music video featuring the very sexy Kim Hye-soo.

The MV in question is JYP's "
That house you live in" (니가사는 그집). In the video, Kim Hye-soo plays JYP's ex-lover (whom he used to love passionately - it says in the Korean article). Now, how did JYP get her to play the part?

According to JYP Entertainment, it was not easy searching for a heroine for the MV. But they found Kim Hye-soo to be very suitable. Hmm...i'll bet!

Here i leave you with more stills of the music video.

JYP can only stare in longing at ex-lover Kim Hye-soo

Source: Newsen

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A Family/Group Member said...

He definitely has a rough look to him. I'm not complaining though I get a bit tired of girly looking men

Anonymous said...

Me either complaining but i came to realise after browsing all Korena pop stars way of dancing they definitely love dancing "dirty dance"

brian said...

Anonymous...Korean men can really dance well. I have two left feet. Wish to have some of their smooth moves.

Anonymous said...

Mr Brian....any parts of this world mens and womens can dance absolutely well... they move are so graceful!. "Dirty dancing"is one of name of a dance created by the american..


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