Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Lee Jun-ki Travel Photos

Lee Jun-ki (King and the Clown and My Girl star) has been doing some traveling lately. He was in Hawaii for the Louis Vuitton International Film Festival , Thailand for the opening of his Official Thai Fan Club, and Taipei recently for the 44th Golden Horse Film Awards.

Here are some photos of his travels.

Lee Jun-ki in Thailand

Jun-ki is very brave... Getting around Thailand with only
a map and no guide?

Practicing his martial arts at a Siamese temple

Jun-ki is shy as he meets one of his biggest fans...

Lee Jun-ki in Hawaii

Jun-ki is excited to spot a sea turtle on the shores
of this Hawaii beach. But he told his fans that he acted
cool and collected because the locals do not
bat an eyelid at the turtles at all.
It's pretty normal over there.

Jun-ki enjoying the warm Hawaiian sunshine

Jun-ki giving us his best "Bollywood" pose

Jun-ki showing us how physically fit he is -
he gets physical by the beach

Lee Jun-ki in Taiwan

Jun-ki goofing around with his PAs and managers
just before the 44th Golden Horse Awards in Taipei

Pics credit: Lee Junki English International

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charming_khalela said...

1st to comment. Yeah a certified jun ki addict :)
Saw those pictures from his cyworld before and hoping I'm travelling with him. He is so cute and funny especially the picture w/ the monkey.

blinkable said...

the bollywood poses were great! ^^ And it's nice to see him goofing around with his staff <3

DieuAn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DieuAn said...

Haha, looks like he's really enjoying it. That's great ^^

Anonymous said...

omg junki is sooooo hott and adorable!!!!
i love u junki!!!

ana said...

ahaha. he is always fun. when will he come to malaysia?


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