Monday, 3 December 2007

Jang Ri-in and TVXQ in Beijing

Chinese songbird Jang Ri-in and the TVXQ boys were in Beijing for the Cyworld Sina Concert on Dec 2.

Happy to be performing for a home crowd, 18-year-old Ri-in serenaded fans with songs such as A Flame for You as well as Timeless, a lovely duet with Xiah of TVXQ.

Meanwhile, the TVXQ quintet, who held a concert in Malaysia on Nov 24, sang Rising Sun, I Wanna Hold You and O.Jung.Ban.Hap.

The group and Ri-in are also scheduled to appear in another Cyworld Concert on Dec 12. This time, it will be held in Shanghai.

Source & Pics credit: Jang Ri In official thread @ Soompi

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Rooster said...

WHAT?! They were here? Yesterday? Aiya, sorry lah. Not a very good overseas correspondent. ha ha

Liz said...

Ha ha ha, apparently, they were at the Beijing Olympic Center or something. Isn't it quite far away from the city centre?

Rooster said...

Yea, kinda far from where I am. There's supposed to be a subway station right there but I don't know if the line is running yet.

kpop_rub said...

They said they'd like to do a song with Jay Chou <3 Jay Chou writes such beautiful songs-- I'd be so happy if that ever happened, total longshot hehe

flipchick said...

dbsk is just country hopping every day.... 1st they were in malaysia, then back to korea, back to japan, now theyre in beijing or are they?


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