Monday, 3 December 2007

TVXQ Christmas Giveaway!

Christmastime is here and K-popped! has a treat for you, readers. In conjunction with the season of giving, we are giving away a TVXQ Limited Edition box set.

However, nothing comes for free, so read on to find out what you have to do to get your hands on the prize. Merry Christmas, everyone!

The Prize:

TVXQ's Limited Edition Korea National Football Team Official Image Song Box Set.

What's in it?:

  • A DVD that contains TVXQ's Fighting Message to the South Korea National Football team as they prepare for the 2006 World Cup in Germany, interviews, song lyrics and many more (In Korean with Chinese subtitles only as we got it in Beijing).
  • A CD that contains 4 versions of the Official Image song
  • 8 picture cards of the TVXQ boys
What must I do to get it?:

The K-popped! Trio were in Beijing recently and got up to all sorts of antics. Now try your hand at captioning the picture below to be in the running for the prize. The winner will be the person whose caption makes us roll on the floor with laughter.

Note: Entry must include your Facebook username and the caption must be in less than 30 words. Send all entries to:

Rules and regulations:
  1. The K-popped! Trio's decision is final and any correspondence will not be entertained.
  2. The contest is open to K-popped! Facebook members only. Not a member yet? Join now, it's free.
  3. You may send in as many entries as you like.
  4. Contest ends on Dec 31, 2007.
  5. The winner will be notified through his/her Facebook account after the judging.
  6. The prize will be sent out to the winner. However, K-popped! will not be liable for damage and/or loss during the transit.
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kpop_rub said...

*drools over boxed set*
oooo my brain-- is never good at these things lol but i will try so hard and spam your inbox haha xD
Lovely contest!

amy said...

ahhhhhhh!!! I'm so going to spam your inbox! muahAHAHahaA *evil laugh*

Orchid said...

That's why we created a new Gmail account! ;-)

Have fun y'all & Merry Christmas!

* Orchid rushes off to listen to Bi singing "Last Christmas...i gave you my heart..." on Youtube *

rainbowlove88 said...

I oso wanna try for fun! get into the Xmas spirit...thank you K-popped!

fraulein said...

Bi covered last christmas?


Was his diction alright?

ladida said...

oh, this sounds fun!! I'm not a huge fan of TVXQ (oops!! "running away from the flying spears") Sorry guys but I'm true to my Rain. But hey, I don't dislike them. I enjoy reading about them & other Kpop stars; that's why I'm here..& no worries ladies, I suck like big time at captioning pixes; it'll probably take me weeks (if i'm lucky!) to think of anything even remotely clever or witty. Like rainbowlov88 said, I just want to get into the Xmas spirit too...on a side note, I have to join for membership; I didn't know u guys created that's maybe you'll be hearing from me :)

Orchid said...

Hi Fraulein,

Listen to it's the YouTube link...

Lyrics a bit incorrect though...but he does it so confidently. Bi Hwaiting!

Rain singing Last Christmas

Rooster said...

Haha, thanks for the link Orchid. Just watched it.

Bi is such a playa, tsk tsk. Giving his heart away again the very next day. hee hee :D

Liz said...

Ha ha ha, I just watched it and he totally turned around the meaning of the song!

He became the player instead of the played! Way to go, Bi! I've got to sing his version this Christmas.

Jzune said...

hmmm, i shall try my luck with this =)
*drools over box set* hehehe

brian said...

Very clever.

ladida said...

i'll happily bow out from this contest since I think they deserve to fall in the hands of a true TVXQ fan; so for fun only, here's a list of my captions:

"hmmm, dunno about u but i'm slightly bemused by her odd tremors when the TVXQ giveaway news broke in today"

"uh, sweetie..PDA is nice but please step away from the tree!"
(**fyi: PDA= public display of affection**)

"folks, tis the season & here's a good example of when some of us have issues with "it's better to give than to receive""

"here's the breakdown: our girl is ready to bi-hop from the tree & slide into her 'touch-ya' dance groove.. as Rain would say "R U Ready?! I can't hear u..""


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