Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Korean Cuisine at Pavilion KL

On Christmas eve, we visited Kuala Lumpur's latest shopping haunt, Pavilion KL. It is located at 168 Bukit Bintang and houses a great selection of boutiques and branded stores.

The 7-storey shopping paradise also boasts a spacious food court (Food Republic) on level 1. The variety of food stalls is so vast that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a place to eat. You also have many stand alone restaurants to choose from on other levels of the huge shopping centre.

Sam Sam (삼삼) - Korean Cuisine at Pavilion KL's food court

After walking around for a bit, Liz and i decided on (what else!) Korean Cuisine. We ate at Sam Sam (삼삼) - Korean Cuisine which is located at the Food Republic food court. It is sandwiched between "Little Taiwan" and "Indian Cuisine" and opposite Madam Kwan's & Tony Roma's.

Korean fast food...Sam Sam serves popular simple Korean dishes

There's a reasonable selection of Korean fare to choose from, and Liz settled for the Bibimbap (MYR13.90) while i ordered the Japchae Bap (MYR10.90). Ever since i watched Full House and Song Hye-kyo's character trying learn how to cook Japchae from grandma, i wanted to try the dish.

Bibimbap beef is served in a hot stone pot and comes
with a little Kimchi and bean paste soup

The Japchae was delicious.
Korean glass noodle
cooked with mushroom,
carrots, onions and other
vegetables in a tasty sauce.
Garnished with lightly
toasted sesame seeds.
Served with rice, soup and kimchi!

What's for dessert?

Oh and for dessert we had delicious mango ice kacang! Nope, this is not a Korean dish. It's truly Malaysian. But since this is a Malaysian blog, i'll slip it in. ;-)

Mango ice kacang - cold and refreshing,
shaved ice topped with mangoes
and hidden beneath is all sorts of
condiments such as red bean, corn, jelly and nuts.
A Malaysian favourite.

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kpop_rub said...

I remember seeing that kacang on a travel food show-- It looks so cool and colorful, I wanted to try! Sadly, I think malaysian food is nonexistent in my neck of the woods!

OO are those glass noodles the vermecelli(sp) type noodles that are see-through and slimy? I ate some of those once and could not chew them and nearly choked to death! I decided, at that point, that no food was good enough to die over! But when I watched Full House and saw SHK fixing those same noodles that nearly killed me i freaked!!

agasshi said...

koreans have a version of kacang. it's called "pat bingsoo" if it has red beans in it ("pat" means red beans). but there are many variations :)

we just call it snow cones in america

Liz said...

Actually I enjoyed Orchid's Japchae more than my dolsot bibimbap because I burnt my tongue while eating the very hot rice and couldn't taste most of the stuff after that. :-P

Kpop_rub, I suggest taking your time to chew the glass noodle to prevent anymore choking incidents :-) Hee hee...

kpop_rub said...

@liz... I think i chewed each noodle for a good 10 minutes to no avail... To the point my jaw was all sore! I guess certain people's teeth weren't made to eat those noodles and I, unfortunately, am one of those people.

Arin said...

agasshi, yeah, pat bingsoo. ^^
i learned about it after watching Suju's 'Full House'. LOL xD

anyway, aww. those look delicious.
i haven't tried any of korean cuisines.. except for Ramen :P. haha.

oh, im not sure whether this is true or not, but someone mentioned she saw micky yoochun at Pavilion last time. the day after the concert, yeah.

rooster said...

Japchae looks like a good one for K-popped! Kitchen! *Runs off to do research...*

Orchid said...

Yes Rooster! Cook it! ;-)

I heard that Korean glass noodle is even more "springy" than the glass noodle here in M'sia. In Korean restaurants, they prefer to import the glass noodles (even though it is widely available here in Malaysia).

Kpop_rub: if you cannot chew the springy slippery glass noodle, just bite it a bit, then swallow it all down. ;-) hehehehe

kpop_rub said...

well clearly you all have some practice, I'm afraid I am too occidental to ever eat these noodles LOL

Anonymous said...

I want that Malaysian dessert!

malaygirl said...

Does the Korean food there is HALAL? Since many Muslims also enjoy Korean food nowadays. Anyway looking forward for that.

Clammy said...

Well we usually refer to it as Pat Bingsoo, but like agasshi said, that specifically refers to ones that have red beans in it. Or we'll go for Gwaeel (fruit) bingsoo. There are lots of variations but when craving it we just tend to refer it all to pat bingsoo until it's time to actually order it!

Liz said...

hello Malaygirl, yes I believe the Korean food there is halal. But please make sure yourself before ordering.

There isn't any pork in the menu, just chicken and beef. Usually food at food courts like this cater to our Muslim friends, no?

I hope you get to enjoy the food. Sedap jugak masakan Korea ni. :-)

blinkable said...

yeay! Kpopped finally there! liz, I burned my toungue as well! >< But still great *haha* I did look at the Japchae but since consists mainly veggies, PASS! *LOL*

Orchid said...

The Malaysian dessert is very popular here and is called by a number of names:

ais kacang
ice kacang
air batu campur (ABC)

"Air batu campur" literally translates to "mixed ice". I guess you have ice in the dessert, plus a mix of other stuff.

"kacang" means "peanut" or "nut" in Malay.

BabyPigeon said...

Wow..So nice!!! I'm so hungry but its already past 11pm..hehe...
I am so gonna go eat at Korean Cuisine..Looked pretty neat..hehe..
Ice Kacang???!!!! Argh!!! My fave!!
I think Malaysians serves the best ice kacang ever!!!!!!!!!hehe...

Shira said...

i tried it before..and i cant remember which one i ordered..hahaa xD but it's really nice..ah~korean bad i didnt finish all the 'sayur'.my bad.=[

Nadeshiko said...

es campur di Indonesia...kalian juga bisa coba? apa begitu sedap masakan korea, hm....jadi na coba ^^

|| Lyññ || said...

Ooo... I was in Pavilion today and I was thinking of what to eat for dinner... so I tapau-ed japchae and unlucky me got caught in a jam for 1.5 hrs! By the time I got home to eat it, my japchae became one giant rectangle block =(

It wasn't very tasty mayb cuz I left it too long... sighs... I loved the ikan bilis they served as their banchan but the pickles were a wee bit too sour for me... Mom kept complaining abt the smell of the pickled vege... hehe...

I would recommend the Japchae at Daorae Taipan... It was delicious but was a bit oily...

Ooo... I love Han Woo Ri @ Taipan... They served us roasted rice green tea which was YUMMY! The desert was yummy too! We were the only customers at that time so we had the special treatment... haha... Paid abt RM130 for 5 pax... ordered 3 BBQ dishes and a pancake...

Liz said...

Thanks for sharing that Lynn. Too bad about your japchae, though :-P.

E-V said...

I've actually tried making my own Japchae after trying the one at the food stalls in The Gardens.. it's quite easy to make ^^


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