Friday, 28 December 2007

Rain and Song Hye-kyo spend Christmas in US

Yeah, both Rain and Song Hye-kyo - Full House co-stars spend Christmas in the States, but not together though. Rain is in LA, while Song is in New York.

Rain, Jang Dong-gun and Song Hye-kyo are currently on assignments abroad but sends Christmas greetings back to their fans in South Korea.

Rain is in LA working on his English album which will be released next year (2008). He is busy but sends greetings back to Korea. Rain also mentioned that last year, he was in Las Vegas during Christmas. Sounds like the Energizer Bunny has not been home for Christmas for a couple of years.

Rain calls K-popped! Trio to chat and tells us his plans for the New Year.
Sorry, we are unable to relate what he said because
Orchid was too busy shouting "Bi, sarang haeyo!" and failed
to register a single word he said.

Song Hye-kyo who is making her Hollywood debut in an indie flick entitled
Fetish, spends her Christmas in New York. Filming of the movie is on a very tight schedule and must be done in a month. Song Hye-kyo initially planned to return to Korea on 26th December, but due to filming delay, it is reported that she will only return on 29th December, 2007. I am sure Hye-kyo's fans in Korea are looking forward to her homecoming.

File pic: Song Hye-kyo in New York
[Pic credit:]

Jang Dong-gun returned to Korea to attend Han Jae-suk's mother's funeral. On January 02, 2008 Jang will fly to New Zealand to resume filming "Laundry Warrior" and there are also plans to work on a CF soon.

Jang Dong-gun supports his friend and attends
Han Jae-suk's mother's funeral
[Pic credit: Newsen]


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fraulein said...

That pic of rain looks like Se7en, for some reason ....

I like seeing these candid (unposed) "pararazzi" shots of him ; )

blinkable said...

^ I agreed. But since I like Se7en more so Im gona say Se7en looks hotter bcoz I can =P

I like the Hye-Kyo pic muchie!

And LOL@ christmas in US but not together ><

Wyolette said...

i'm ashamed to say that I'm always halfway on the lookout for Bi when' I'm driving around here in L.A. I KNOW I'll see him...LOL...

spending more time than usual in K-town.....

Clammy said...

That's pretty funny. I live in L.A. too but uh.. I'm not exactly looking out for him. Try going to like S-bar, VR, or even the new Le Circle. Maybe he'll be at one of those places. Or like Blink or even Bohemian! ha ha ha. Maybe he'll even go to a noraebang in the middle of the night or crave korean food at 2am in which case you could try Hodori or yi ga ju!

Orchid said...

wyolette: hahaha...that's cute. In 2006 when Bi was working on his I'm Coming album he stayed at Hollywood Hills (i think). Have you drove around that place? :-)

Tell us if you do spot Bi! Whoopee!

Oh Clammy ...u live in LA too!? Cool!

ladida said...

wyolette on the Bi-hunt..haha..that's too cute! good luck w/your quest. hope you'll find him so you can share some latest Rain pics w/us (i'm his fan too XD)


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