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Bad Love - Episode 5

This is the episode where Kwon Sang-woo's character (Yong-gi) makes like Queen's Freddie Mercury and sings "I want to break Free!". I think this the the first time i am hearing English words coming out of Sang-woo sshi's mouth. Oppa, please speak more English. ;-)

In episode 5, we get a better look of Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su) and Kang Joo-ran's (Su-hwan's wife) not-so-humble abode in Samcheok. It wasn't an apartment like i said it was, it's actually more like a huge wooden mansion! Well, Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) was invited for dinner and they dined over Na In-jung's (Lee Yo-won) fried chicken! How ironic.

Love is cruel, love is bad: Both Kang Yong-gi and
Na In-jung find it hard to trust & love

Besides a love triangle, there's also a power struggle going on in the plot of
Bad Love. Although not happily in love, Su-hwan and Joo-ran are like minded when it comes to business. Su-hwan is currently running his father-in-law's business, but both are secretly afraid that the old man will one day pass the empire over to his mistress' son Yong-gi.

Husband & wife discuss business matters at dawn

Joo-ran and her mother talk about their inheritance.
Mom is worried that her husband will not leave her
her daughter a single cent after he's gone,
will instead give it to Yong-gi.

This is also the episode where you see Su-hwan meeting his ex-lover In-jung for the first time in five years. Liz and i laughed at this part...because a baby complete with pram conveniently appears at this point. This causes Su-hwan to assume that In-jung is happily married now and the mother of a baby boy.

In-jung instantly becomes a mother.
Baby complete
with pram conveniently comes into the picture.

Su-hwan wants to chat with In-jung, but says nothing much in the end. In-jung is not chatty and tells Su-hwan to pretend that they do not know each other the next time they meet. Yeah, what else is there to say to a
married man who loves you then leaves you...out in the cold.

Ex-lovers in shock as they meet by chance after 5 long years

Baby and pram conveniently disappears after In-jung meets with Su-hwan. Due to the stress of the meeting, In-jung suffers acute stomach pains. Who is there to help her but Yong-gi. He gives her a piggy back ride plus therapy (love the part where he asks her to let the pain out and not hold it in. Cry out louder!) on the way to his car and sends her to the nearest hospital.

Yong-gi picks In-jung up when she's down

Yong-gi indirectly tells In-Jung to break free from her past by singing Queen's
on the way back from the hospital

In-jung is secretly touched, but of course does not say anything

Yong-gi is showing that he cares and does all these sweet things that In-jung is having happy thoughts about their budding relationship.

Happy thoughts...

Since Yong-gi's new home is ready, he will be moving out of samchun's place into his new arty-farty home on the island. Yong-gi devises a plan so he can see more of In-jung. Yong-gi's "Kim Jo-ann tree" is being attacked by insects and he 'employs' In-jung to care for it. In-jung's dad used to be a gardener so she has learned some of the gardening tips.

In-jung says "No worries, we can fix this" as she
visits Yong-gi at his new home on the island.

How romantic: Yong-gi surprises In-jung by cooking dinner for her.
He also confesses that he likes her. Awww....

Yong-gi wants them to become a couple, but In-jung is hesitant. She is still wrecked with the guilt of her past. She confesses to Yong-gi that she had an affair with a married man. Yong-gi is unaffected by this statement. He urges In-jung to let go of her past and allow herself happiness now.

They walk around in his arty-farty home talking...Yong-gi tells
In-jung that he knows she will be by his side though thick and thin.

Yong-gi brings In-jung to "Kim Jo-ann's tree" - the tree symbolizes Yong-gi's deceased girlfriend, one whom he used to love dearly. He asks Jo-ann for her blessing and says that he now wants to be with In-jung.

Drama stills sourced from Naver.

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fraulein said...

Why use my 4WD beemer to rush the poor girl to hospital?

Because I can piggyback her there - korean drama style !


Peach said...

This is my favorite Episode so far. I love the parts where Yong-gi oppa is being sweet and acting like a boyfriend to In-jung. Especially the part where he sings "I want to break free"--which is so cute!Hehe. If I were In-jung I'd accept him in a heartbeat. I like your picture comments too. Thanks for this great summary. Now I understand more of what really happend in ep. 5 Keep it up!

fraulein said...

hi k-popped trio

will u be making an ep 6 post? I'm bursting with comments but i'm worried i might accidentally leave spoilers...

Orchid said...

yes yes fraulein...episode 6 coming tomorrow. hold it in for 1 more day ya?! ;-)

Anonymous said...

again I felt like I watched it. These are great I can't wait for next episode. Even though Im not watching it REALLY.

fraulein said...

sure ; )

arinkorin said...

haha, yeah, where did the babies went to? LOL.

anyway, i didn't expect Yonggi to confess to Injung that fast!
so another 10 episodes to go,
i wonder what will happen next.

can't wait for the review of episode 6 =)
cos i missed it >_< grrr.


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