Wednesday, 16 January 2008

No, Jung Ryu-won did not get married

Netizens thought that 26-year old My Lovely Samsoon actress Jung Ryu-won tied the knot when these wedding pictures were published recently. Well, those are not really her wedding pictures, but for a CF the PR ambassador for overseas Koreans is shooting.

Ryu-won who studied in Australia has been rumoured to be connected with Tazza: The High Rollers star, Cho Seung-woo.

Source & pics credit: StarNews

Jung Ryu-won (정려원)
Jung Ryeo-won to represent Koreans overseas
Jang Dong-gun and Jung Ryu-won for Giordano Korea

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Bethany said...

is that the second lead from coffee prince???

sezling said...

yeh it is, Lee Seon Gyun XD his hairstyle makes it abit confusing in the first lot of pics but in the second set u can definitely tell it's him =) jung ryu won is really pretty. I didnt know she studied here in OZ. I'd be interested to have an English convo with her one day ;D

drop said...

LEE SEONGYUN!!!!! *dies*
His voice.....*sigh*

Orchid said...

Now that i've watched Coffee Prince, yeah that's Lee Seon Gyun (who acted as Choi Han Seong) in those photos! =)


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