Tuesday, 15 January 2008

It's hip to be K-popped!

According to Forbes.com, one of the 20 trends sweeping the globe is grooving to K-pop! Now aren’t you glad you’ve been K-popped!?

The report dated Jan 9 says that Korean pop has made waves across Asia (the article writes “from Kyoto to Kuala Lumpur”. Hey it’s a rarity that Kuala Lumpur is mentioned over Singapore in articles like this. We love our Southern neighbour, but yay!) for years but the West has been a little slow in catching on.

Apparently, the Korean starlets and goody-two-shoes boybands are too saccharine for Western tastes.

However, things are about to change especially with indie bands making waves and singers such as Eun Ji-won (pic above), who fuses Latin music with hip-hop, creating a truly original sound. Check out his Adios MV below.

And of course, there are all those things Rain will bring in 2008.

The 20 trends sweeping across the globe, in no particular order, are:

  • Naach! – Dance Bollywood style
  • Make a molecular cocktail - molecular mixology is an outgrowth of the molecular gastronomy movement pioneered by a Spanish chef
  • Beep someone – communicating by calling and hanging up before connection
  • Meet the 99 – a Muslim comic book
  • Groove to Korean pop
  • GPS treasure – High-tech treasure hunt
  • Turn Harajuku – Dress up like your favourite comic book characters
  • Mash up some music – whip up crazy musical concoctions
  • Run up a straight wall – running, jumping and tumbling over obstacles at high speed
  • Create reality ring tones – Turn gaffes, insults and heartfelt urgings from your favourite celebrities and politicians into ring tones
  • Make Bahn Mi - A culinary fusion from the days of French Indochina, the banh mi sandwich is rapidly invading the U.S.
  • Design a haute couture bag
  • Learn to draw anime
  • Build your own radio station
  • Know Thyself – analyse yourself in ways both useful and bizarre, and instantly send the results to friends or would-be dates
  • Get handy with a sack - if you've ever had a hankering to balance a pen or lighter on the back of your hand, myachi may be the sport for you.
  • Network while you play – one word: Scrabulous, ‘nuff said.
  • Love Lucha Libre – Mexican wrestling
  • Collect Online art
  • Create some urban vinyl- An urban vinyl toy is a regular, old off-the-shelf action figure, which has been deconstructed and decorated into a work of art.
Source: Forbes.com

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jacA said...

am glad to hear this :]

i like Eun Ji-Won's Adios. i heard he's one of the Sechskiss rapper in the late 90's. and the band was so so popular that time

Anonymous said...

I dont know if you were around then, but the latin wave swept Japan some years ago, its actually how I learned to count in Japanese, I already spoke Spanish, and this girl made a song uno dos tres quatro ichi ni san shi!
Da Pump, and everyone else hopped on the bandwagon and it all sounded like that.
Im a fan of latin music myself but I like reggaeton.

vrosemarie said...

That Adios song was pretty unique... Why baby why? Hahah... I think Korean music is getting more and more popular in Asia...Wow, I didn't know Eun Ji Won was in Sechskiss...

And this is probably not related but why comment twice? Kwon Sang Woo was in Malaysia?! No way! Why couldn't I have bumped into him somewhere!!! Hahahha....

ladida said...

i enjoyed EJW's Adios song; i like the upbeat tempo.
20 trends sweeping the globe:
- dance bollywood style: Americans (statistically the fattest nation in the world) are always searching for new ways to make exercising fun so that they are more likely to stick to their workout routines. I luv the idea of dancing aerobics but i have 2 left feet when it comes to dancing. My personal favs: steps & kwando aerobics & taebo.
- GPS treaure hunt: now this sounds like a real fun gadget; i want one :)
- banh mi sandwich: it's good when it's freshly made. So eat up while it's warm.
- learn how to draw anime: that could/would be a terrific hobby for me :)
- network while you play: Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg appeared on "60 Minutes" this past weekend. I'm completely astonished by this 23-yr-old computer whiz. I think on the program he said that he's been writing software since 6th grade!! Now he owns a company with about 400 employees. Unbelievable kid, huh?!!
- groove to kpop: I'm excited; this is def. the year for kpop stars like Rain, Se7en, JYP's trainees (Min, J.Lim, etc). I wish all of them the very best, esp. Rain. ;P Even if they fail, I thank them for at least trying. Besides Kpop stars, I hope to hear smthg magnificent from Charice Pempengco. This ~15/16 yr-old blew me away with her powerhouse voice! I've never encountered any other Asians like her. She can be the next Whitney, Celine, or Beyonce!! She's totally awesome!!


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