Thursday, 17 January 2008

Bad Love - Episode 6

This has gotta be my favourite episode to date! Kwon Sang-woo's character Yong-gi is the perfect boyfriend - he takes his new girlfriend shopping, buys her food and they both look so cute together. Lots of lovey dovey sweet stuff happening as they get to know each other. Plus Yong-gi has such great romantic lines. If you missed episode 6 of this Korean's really a shame, but no worries, there are lots of drama stills below to fill you in. So are you ready?

In episode 5, Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) confessed that he likes Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won), but they have the baggage of their past relationships. At night, Yong-gi sleeps and is haunted by recurring nightmares of his ex-girlfriend Kim Jo-ann.

Yong-gi is haunted by his past relationship

Jo-ann comes across as very needy and depends on Yong-gi a lot. She finally succumbed to suicide after many many attempts.

Yong-gi recalls the times when Jo-ann has attempted suicide

Fed-up of being held by this guilt and wanting to break free, Yong-gi burns the tree he labeled "
Kim Jo-ann's tree" to signify that he no longer wants to be captive of a past that haunts him.

Good-bye Kim Jo-ann

The next morning, Yong-gi purposefully went to In-jung and brought her to show her evidence of his conviction - the burnt tree. He will look only to the future and their new relationship. Yong-gi convinces In-jung to give their relationship a chance and do so as well.

I will have eyes only for you now...

How could any sane woman resist KSW oppa?
They kiss and with unspoken words, seal their
brand new relationship

While all these happen, Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su) instructs his driver friend to do some detective work and check out In-jung. He finds out that she lives a difficult life in Samcheok, selling fried chicken. He drives out to see her one night. They talk and In-jung tells him that she not only hates him, he made her go through so many other horrid emotions...anger, shame, loneliness and humiliation. She would much rather not see him again.

In-jung: "You live your own life, i live mine now."

In-jung and Yong-gi discover each other and spend more time together in the little town of Samcheok. Samchun and samchun's girlfriend are both very happy for them.

In-jung and Yong-gi make and eat kimbap together
while samchun and his girlfriend steals glances at the happy couple

In-jung: "This seems like a dream."

I don't think these carefree times for Yong-gi and In-jung
will many other complications are
bound to creep in.

Yong-gi : "I want a kiss, not food!"

Meanwhile, Yong-gi's stepmother gets word that Yong-gi has a new girlfriend. Maybe she has spies at Samcheok. Stepmother now wants to see who this new lady is...who knows, she might be her new daughter-in-law.

Since Yong-gi is In-jung's boyfriend now, he helps In-jung at her chicken shop - delivering fried chicken! Ever since i heard Yong-gi joking about being In-jung's delivery boy in episode 4, i couldn't wait to see him on the little red scooter.

Don't argue and make this delivery please...

On the way to one of the deliveries,
Yong-gi (on little red scooter) sees his stepmother approaching

As Yong-gi chats with his stepmother, he is on guard and very protective of his new relationship. Stepmom's real purpose of keeping an eye on Yong-gi and his new girlfriend is not hidden from him. He knows his gold-digger stepmother well. The purpose of her visit is to see if Yong-gi's new girlfriend would be a threat to the family heirloom.

Stepmother: " I want to meet this new girlfriend of yours
Yong-gi. Ask her to come out and meet me!"

They meet at a cafe and Yong-gi appears impatient and wants to leave immediately, but In-jung reasons that Stepmother has not finished talking. Stepmother is pleased at this... (They both are so great together and calms each other down when needed.) Stepmother invites them over to dinner to celebrate Yong-gi's father's birthday.

Stepmother: "Yong-gi, your dad's birthday is coming...
please come over for dinner."

After the meeting Yong-gi relates to In-jung that as the child of his dad's mistress, his stepmother did not treat him well. During his childhood, Joo-ran was her only true daughter and stepmother did not acknowledge him at all. With that painful past, he grew up lonely, with no one to depend on....Yong-gi urges In-jung not to leave him, because if she does, he would have no one. In-jung promises not to leave him...and they pinky swear on that promise.

Heart to heart talk: Yong-gi opens up &
relates his painful past to In-jung

In-jung: "I won't leave you Yong-gi, i promise"

They spend more time talking and walking along the beach, then Yong-gi brings In-jung to a church and confesses before God - "the big man above" - that up until now, he has not been strong and is easily swayed. But now that he has met In-jung, he vowed to be a better man. (This makes me think that in the next episodes, Yong-gi will change his wayward ways and will be interested to take up the family business...why leave everything to his brother-in-law when he is the rightful son?)

I have only one heart...and it beats for you.

After meeting with In-jung twice, you see the "shell of a man" Su-hwan drinking himself into a stupor and going to the noraebang (karaoke) to belt sorrowful tunes all alone. (At this point, Liz exclaims...why did they give Kim Sung-su such a silly character?) With all the shenanigans, his wife Joo-ran is beginning to get suspicious.

Joo-ran: "Are you having an affair? You used to act
silly like this when you had an affair with that cello girl."

Now comes the exciting part...Yong-gi and In-jung drives into the city to attend Yong-gi's father's birthday dinner. First they stop by a mall to get presents for Yong-gi's mom and dad. [More pictures on the shopping trip in a previous entry - KSW is the perfect boyfriend.]

Would this sweater fit your dad?

Don't worry In-jung...don't be intimidated by the huge house
and my father. My parents will love you.

Yong-gi brings his new girlfriend home, unsuspecting anything amiss. In-jung has no clue or inkling that Yong-gi is Su-hwan's (her ex-lover) brother-in-law. Su-hwan will be attending the dinner, but his wife and daughter are away on a skiing trip.

Meet the parents...

In-jung comes face to face with Su-hwan...she did
not expect to see him at Yong-gi's parent's home.
Clueless Yong-gi is just happy to show his girlfriend off.

Episode 6 ends with the leads giving off these facial expressions.

How do you think In-jung and Su-hwan will react? Will they pretend not to know each other? Would they let bygones be bygones? Do you think Su-hwan is jealous seeing his brother-in-law with the woman he once loved (or still loves)...?

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Drama stills sourced from Naver.

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Anonymous said...

Wow first to comment love this episode a lot, can't wait to get my hand on the DVD when its come.

Keep the review coming love--love--love--love it!!!!


penny said...

oh whoa what an exciting episode that was!!!! i think In Jung wants to protect Yong Gil so she'll pretend that she doesn't know Soo Hwan and just put on a happy front...awww i don't want to see them get hurt again they both had it so rough in the past and now they have found true love again..but its just the 6th ep so we have a long ways to go

Liz said...

Ah what an excellent recap of the episode, I felt like I've re-watched it again.

Yeah, is anyone else flustered about Kim Sung-su oppa's character? He's so "whiny" and lembik I wish they'd put more hair on his character's chest.

Orchid said...

hi penny,

yeah i have a feeling there will be complications with In-jung and Su-hwan. What if Su-hwan decides he wants to leave his wife for In-jung. I hope In-jung does not cave in...stick with Yong-gi i say!!! :-)

ksw said...

I cannot wait to see Kang Yonggi win his old man's heart and run the family business. He deserves it!

penny said...

hi Orchid..i would be so MAD if In Jung leaves Yong Gi for Sung Su but i don't think she would i mean..Sung Su didn't even stand up for her when his bitchy ass of a wife kicked her outside of the police station...he left her in the first place because all he cared about was taking over the business now he has that he wants her back?? don't think so..KSW all the way hahah

Khairon Niza said...

Hey K-popped girls,

Great commetary on ep6 of bad/cruel love. Can't wait for the episodes to play every Mondays and Tuesdays. We never used to get KBS on our shores and most of my Korean dramas are from DVDs. I think my stress level was better then. No thinking and thinking about how the story ends as I can fast forward to the very last episode.

Anonymous said...

OMG THEY ARE BOTH SO GOOD LOOKING HOW WOULD I CHOOSe... OK Suhwan for me, he's the hottest. Plus I dont like sappy types. Me I like a man with temper. None of this silly, Im so sad my ex gf killed herself. More like cold and heartless from it.
Oh man this is so intense!!!!

elly said...

Hi anonymous...i have to agree with you...Sung-su Shii is also good looking. I have always liked him...since Stained glass and Full House but Sangwoo Shii has the package...watching him in interviews shows that he is humble, sincere and holds a great sense of humor. Hope to learn more about Sung-su Shii in the future!

arinkorin said...

haha, yeah. what a shame for me to have missed this episode right? =(
hahaha, never mind, the next episode seems interesting too!

i think, Soo Hwan and In Jung will pretend not knowing each other, and all of them will be in an awkward atmosphere or something..

yeah, i think Soo Hwan will break out of his shell someday,
and decides to leave her annoying wife. BUT... at that time, In Jung doesn't care anymore and is deeply in love with Yong Gi. HAHAHA.
just my assumption. LOL.

anyway, thanks a lot for the review! really appreciate it. ;)

Sue said...

man.. this is getting exciting. why oh why did i cancel my ASTRO subscription?

Orchid said...

Sue, if you really really want to watch can watch it on VeohTV!

Check out my latest post on how to do this :
Watching Bad Love on VeohTV


fraulein said...

My long overdue comment –

Ep 5 & 6 are my fave eps so far too. That only means the sad parts are coming up.

I realize this is a little belated but as I was watching ep 5 (the one where Yonggi sends Injung to hospital), I was thinking – when will these two poor souls who need comfort from each other ever tell each other how their hearts got broken in the past? Are the viewers supposed to assume they did that offline? If not, it can be a bit far fetched to fall so madly in love with the other if you do not even know this basic fact/background.

The scene where Yonggi took Injung to hospital was cute and sweet at the same time – as I said before, the dramatic element was heightened when he piggy backed her instead of rushing her in his beemer 4WD. LOL… that’s the only reason I can think of for now.

I found it cute when Yonggi went jogging with his uncle and sprinted towards Injung when he saw her. There are moments I feel it is too soon for Yonggi to move on (esp if he loved Joanne so dearly) but that look in his eye and that cheeky sprint towards Injung told me his love could be real. Yes, I think KSW is a good actor. Though this is only my 1st KSW series.

I hope Injung’s stomach ulcers do not turn into something fatal (think : scriptwriter’s favourite, cancer) later in the series. It is a common thread (female lead gets terminal illness) and I am sure many will agree. Please, please let it end well, ok, I realize I am hoping against hope….

I also found the see-saw analogy in ep 6 very sweet. * Melts *
Ok, the part where he tells her to “bury the painful past “ in ep 5 was just was sweet.

I absolutely dig the scenes in ep 6 where Yonggi tries to act all cute but wasn’t Injung a tad bit too coy and prudish? Ok, so she did rightly point out that his ego needs to be kept in check.

The part I find I need the most convincing is when Yonggi tells the Joanne tree that “ I don’t think I can stand being not with her [Injung]” . Isn’t it progressing a little too fast? It took me by surprise because it was ep 5, I believe, even before Injung accepted him. I mean, he was supposed to be head over heels, almost to the extent of willing to die for Joanne, kind of crazy about her. And suddenly his affections shift to a girl he’s known for, max, one or two months?

In ep 6 when Yonggi’s stepmum turns out at Samcheok, Yonggi immediately guesses the purpose of his visit. As Juran said before, Yonggi is an extremely smart guy – he knows his family is keeping tabs on him ; the moment he sees the stepmum from a distance, he knows she’s there to check on a check the new GF’s character mission.

I am somehow reluctant to continue watching because I know the upcoming eps will be heartbreaking, esp towards the end, and wil induce bucketloads of tears from this emotional fan. I am anticipating yet dreading it – any one else shares these sentiments?

Ep 6 left me thinking shouldn’t the lovely (happy) times be allowed to last a little longer? Such shortlived happiness…

For me, I think Injung and Suhhwah will hold it in and pretend they’ve never met. Then, Injung will withdraw from Yonggi without giving him the reason.. of course, he will find out eventually but not now I guess. Because if they meant it that way, they would not have sent the wife and kid to the ski resort…..Haiyah! if she told Yonggi before, he might’ve guessed Suhhwan was the cad who broke her heart.

I apologise if I have been too long winded

Orchid said...

Hi Fraulein...:-) i was waiting for your comment. You kinda had a lot held in... =)

Yes i really like the see-saw analogy too. Where Yong-gi said right where they are, things are not balanced, but he is willing to re-adjust to make things work and illustrated on the see-saw.

About Yong-gi and Kim Jo-ann, we don't know much about their relationship. All we get are bits and pieces in the form of flashbacks. But it could be that Jo-ann was very needy. And Yong-gi was always there for her. When Yong-gi found In-jung, she was completely different and very independent. This could be a very refreshing thing for Yong-gi, thus he is attracted to her. A couple of months is make his decision. I don't think men hold on to past relationships as long as women.

At least we got to see them having happy times in episode 6. In some dramas, you wait till the end...then maybe they are happy in the final half of the last episode. ;-) Or worse, one of them dies then no happy times at all. Gee...why do we still watch these dramas. ;-)

About crying bucket loads...i always wonder, how come these Korean actors can cry on cue? How do they do it? My Korean teacher says "It's their job."

How? How? Ohtoekkay...ohtoekkay? (ok, my romanization is really bad)

fraulein said...

Hi Orchid

I've been nursing a flu for two days.. I am still sick now as I type. * coughs *

But i'm still looking forward to tmr nite ; )

And i think you cld be right about yong-gi being attracted to injung because she's different (perhaps a foil) to joanne's character.

fraulein said...

i'm so getting the dvd when it gets released = )

Orchid said...

Oh dear...okay fraulein, i hope you get well soon. Drink lots of water and get lots of rest. Oh yeah...Mondays and Tuesdays i make my nights free for Bad Love.

Have you seen "Almost Love" yet?

I agree..KSW is a great actor. ;-) This is my second KSW drama but i have seen a few of his movies.

As Yong-gi in Bad Love, he is a bit cheeky. In Stairway to Heaven, he was very debonair and in love with the lead actress Choi Ji-woo.

I hope by tomorrow you will be 100% ok. Take care!

fraulein said...

Hey orchid,

yep i rented almost love (after reading your post) but i didnt manage to finish it.

thanks for ur concern, i am much better now. do u catch que sera sera by any chance?

kim said...

First of all, I love the K-popped site and have been coming back for my fix of Bad Love and KSW. Thanks so much for the awesome posts! :)

My question is, does anyone know the name of the song that's playing during In Jung and Yong Gi's "courtship" montage in this episode? I just love it, but can't find info on it. Any insight would be great. Thanks!!

Liz said...

Hi kim, nice to see you here :-). Well, I can't really remember what song was playing during the montage, but why don't you check out the Soundtrack?

Go to this entry: Bad Love OST

Kim said...

Hi Liz,

Thanks so much for the link to the soundtrack, but unfortunately, the song I'm trying to find isn't one of the songs in the player. I have a feeling it could be on the second disc, but oh well. Thanks again!



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