Thursday, 17 January 2008

Rain helps out at Taean Beach

More than one month after the disaster, clean-up works are still on-going at Taean Beach, due to South Korea's largest oil spill in history.

Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) went to Chung Cheong Nam Do T'aean on 16 January with a group of about 20 people which comprises his father and J.Tune staff. The Energizer Bunny wore his knitted beanie down low to avoid being recognized. He donned rubber gloves and worked silently. Bi did not care about the gazes from other people but only concentrated on his work.

Rain donned rubber gloves and worked in silence

The mask and overalls are to protect
the workers from the toxic fumes.

Wiping crude oil off rocks and
sand on the beach is endless...

The towel is soaked in oil immediately

Hard at work...

Looks like Bi cannot escape from his fans...

Bi also donated $300K won worth of drinking water and winter clothes to the residents at Taean who are working round the clock for the clean-up even during the cold winter months.

Source & pics credit: MyDaily & StarNews

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clquek said...

As a HUGE fan of Rain, I'M TOUCHED!! He did his part for the environment!! Wat a great role model!!

Liz said...

Awww, so sweet.

Liz said...

Update on this topic: J Tune Entertainment, Rain's management agency, said that Rain originally wanted to keep his volunteer work a secret. However, the number of volunteers coming to Taean is on the decrease and the provincial government asked him to publicize his work to encourage more people to help Taean.

Snippet taken from The Korea Times. Hit the link for full article.

Anonymous said...

I think Rain is a genuinely nice guy, with a good heart. All the best to him and his career.

ladida said...

thank you, Liz, for the update.
Rain is one of the few celebs who I consider as a positive role model for kids. He knows who he is. He is clear about his own goals. He has never wavered in his determination to pursue his dreams. He recognize his strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. He uses criticism as a motivational tool. But more importantly, he's a principled man. He put his words into action. He contributes back to life.
Like anonymous above me, I wish him all the best in his endeavors.

Anonymous said...

You people are so gullible. You will believe anything.

This was NEVER meant to be secret. No one asked him to make his efforts public. The Korean government could run a TV ad if they wanted to ask for more volunteers. They could put up posters. Give me a break. And signing autographs at the site of a major catastrophe like this is TASTELESS AND CHEAP.

He's desperate for attention--like always--but this time in particular because he had just days before made an embarassment of himself in front of the whole nation by releasing news that he "turned down" singing the theme song to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing...when in fact he was never asked to sing it in the first place.

In the States we call this "damage control" when a celebrity does something stupid and embarassing, then turns around and pulls a stunt like volunteering somewhere so they can heal their image again.

ladida said...

Yes, there r reasons to be skeptical about showbiz philanthropy. While a few celebs r committed to do anything for their causes (donating millions, creating their own foundation & such), a majority of them do charity work to either benefit themselves from the exposure or to resuscitate their career.
Still, regardless of what their true intention for getting involved is, don't u agree that celebs teaming up w/nonprofits is also a win-win situation for the nonprofits? The nonprofits are obviously getting attention & help w/publicizing their cause.
So...back to Rain. Does he have an ulterior motive behind a facade of 'philanthropy'? If the answer is yes, does that make him calculative, manipulative & ruthless? Trick question: don't we all have ulterior motives? Really think hard before you answer.
What I'm saying is, we're all human after all. Whoever this real Jung Ji Hoon is, I (you, the average people) may never know. I'm just a fan who admire his passion, self-confidence, self-motivation, work ethics, humility, & his philanthropic work. If that makes me gullible, then so be it

Kyomuffin said...

He's a great guy.


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