Friday, 18 January 2008

Kang Seung-hyun is the Next Big Thing?

Kang Seung-hyun is Ford's New
Supermodel of the World

Uh-huh, yes she is, according to the prestigious Ford modelling agency. The agency picked Korean Kang Seung-hyun to be its next "it" girl and face on Jan 16.

Kang works the runway...

...and tells the other girls, 'Yeah, you
ain't got nuthin' on me.'

Judges of the Ford Supermodel of the World competition named Kang as the grand winner. She walked away with the coveted US$250,000 (RM821,786) contract with Ford Models.

'Ha ha ha, I'm the best and I don't even
have (manufactured) double eyelids!'

Kang poses with Ford Models CEO Katie Ford (right)

The competition, which is into its 28th year, scouts for the world's freshest face. This year, 50 finalists from around the world flew to New York last week for a supermodel boot camp of photo shoots, go-sees and walking lessons. The competition culminated in a final runway show in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday.

'Ha ha ha, you are good, but I'm the best!'

Source: Yahoo! News
Pic credits: Yahoo! News Photos

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penny said...

she is so FLAT..she has no ass nor boobs..and her arms are like the size of my isn't about being skinny and fitting into a size 00..bad image for all young girls around the world..i guess the world will never learn to appreciate ALL women..

Reli said...

I like the fact that she doesn't have double eyelids like so many Asians do. Represents uniqueness.

Anonymous said...

That chick is NAPPY.

kpop_rub said...

Alot of Asians don't have double eyelids... Just if they don't, most Asian stars get them surgically!
The West doesn't know the difference between single and double and we pay no attention to creases! So honestly double eyelids wouldnt have given her any advantage and I like that ALOT! She has a unique look (sure she's scarily skinny but I've come to expect lil else from high fashion)

sezling said...

hmm.. ive become used to the damn skinnyness of supermodels tho so theres no point complaining.. she looks the best out of the bunch in that last pic. well done korea! it's a pretty big deal to get an asian face out there =)

Anonymous said...

Actually majority of us Asians do have naturally born double eyelids than single ones.

Clammy said...

Majority? That sounds dubious at best, but when it comes to Koreans, it's definitely not the majority. Probably about half the girls I know have double eyelids and half of THEM got it done surgically.

Anonymous said...

i am so happy to see a Supermodel winner like Miss Korea. Before i get so insecure looking at Elite's Supermodel Paulina Porizkova's face. Paulina's face is so perfect. When i saw Kang Seung-hyun's face i told myself not to undergo reconstructive surgery.

NiteWings said...

okey... i see alot of arguments about some double eyelid surgery... just to clear it up. not all asian people have single eyelids as so called "exotic". most asian people are born with double eyelids, not surgery. get your facts straight before making an assumption, cause you make an ass out of yourself

Anonymous said...

I believe I heard that a much bigger percentage (can't rember the percentage is was between 68-78%) did not have double eye lids. I do have double eye lids but it is weird becuase one is more pronounced than the other. I thouhgt it very strange when i visited korea for the first time and people asked me if i had surgery. I'm proud of my eyes but i think it is terrible for anyone to go through surgery for it. like it was said before not having double eyelids makes her look more asian.

Courtney said...

Again, not all asians got surgery for double eyelids. (well, unfortunetely i have single.. but whatever) Looking at my mom and my mom's friends (and they are all like 50+) they all have double eyelids. And if they do, their childrens should too. Which well.. brings down to more oduble eyelid asians. But again, not all asians have single eyelids.


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