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Bad Love - Episode 8

Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) witnessed the emotional exchange between his brother-in-law Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su) and girlfriend Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won). He is furious that Su-hwan was the lover who hurt In-jung so badly in the past. Anger takes over and Yong-gi goes home, bashes his nice house up a bit, and finds comfort in a bottle of soju.

Yong-gi is utterly dejected to find out In-jung's
ex-lover is his brother-in-law Su-hwan.

At this point, Su-hwan confronts Yong-gi and rubs salt to the wound by saying that Yong-gi and In-jung cannot be together. Yong-gi is mad and throws a couple of punches at Su-hwan *
yeah punch punch kick kick * Su-hwan does not fight back but asks Yong-gi "How can you love a women whom i used to love?".

Yeah Yong-gi whack him...
(Even when intoxicated, Yong-gi looks more alert
the forever contemplative Su-hwan)

Now comes the part which i don't really understand - due to pride and family obligations, Yong-gi reasons that he needs to break up with In-jung and they cannot possibly continue their relationship (why why?) He is rude to In-jung the next day. In-jung has sold her shop and Yong-gi knows that she intended to leave him quietly. Both actually have made a resolve to end their relationship, but cannot bring themselves to say it. Major communication breakdown happening here.

In-jung cooks all of Yong-gi's favourite dishes for lunch, but he has no appetite. He plans to leave her.

Yong-gi packs his stuff...intending to leave In-jung

Yong-gi packs his stuff and drives away - he makes a stop to visit In-jung's dad at the hospital. In-jung's dad was undergoing his physiotherapy exercises. After Yong-gi leaves, In-jung's dad met with a fatal fall, hits his head and passed away.

Poor In-jung is devastated by the news and rushes to the hospital with her faithful friends -
samchun and ajumma (samchun's girlfriend). Su-hwan saw them rushing into a taxi and follows them to the hospital. They try to calm In-jung down as she grieves for her dear father.

On the way to the hospital,
samchun calls Yong-gi but the latter refuses to answer his mobile phone. Only after a few tries, did samchun manage to get Yong-gi and he comes to the hospital. Yong-gi sees Su-hwan there, brushes past him, stood by the dead body for awhile, then after a brief inner struggle, he goes and comforts In-jung.

Yong-gi was leaving In-jung when he received his
samchun's call. He rushes back to the hospital.

Yong-gi's heart breaks to see In-jung grieving...
he comes and comfort her.

(Ahh...this is my favourite part in episode 8)

Meanwhile, back in Seoul, Yong-gi's dad who wants Yong-gi to get married to In-jung quickly, is making arrangements to meet "the mysterious pair" -
Mr Han and his lady driver/assistant. Stepmother is very angry about this because she knows that her husband wants to get Mr Han to take over the business from her son-in-law and later, hopefully hands it over to Yong-gi. Despite Yong-gi's non-interest, his dad really wants him to take over his construction business. But no one else in the family supports this. Kang Joo-ran and her mother wants to see Su-hwan at the helm.

Joo-ran and Stepmother does not want Yong-gi
to inherit the family business

After the meeting with Mr Han, Yong-gi's dad goes on to tell Su-hwan that he will be sent to Japan and his work on the Samcheok properties will be handed over to Mr Han. Su-hwan is furious at this and knows that he is being thrown aside by this father-in-law. He lashes back by threatening to hand in his resignation. Joo-ran is furious at her father and a family feud ensues.

Yong-gi stood beside his girlfriend at her dad's funeral. In-jung tells Yong-gi "This is probably punishment for thinking that I could have you." At the funeral, Su-hwan comes again to pay his respects but In-jung asks him to leave.

Yong-gi stands by his woman at her dad's funeral

In-jung: "This is probably punishment for
thinking that I could have you."

In-jung refuses Su-hwan entry

Su-hwan and Yong-gi talk outside and Su-hwan again re-iterates that Yong-gi cannot be together with In-jung. What a meanie! Yong-gi asks what if he and In-jung go away quietly and live their lives together (now why does he need to ask his brother-in-law permission escapes me).

Yong-gi: You wanna die? If not, just shut up!

In-jung says a final goodbye to her dad as she disposes of his ashes.
Yong-gi is there to support her.

Yong-gi accompanies In-jung as she disposes of her father's ashes into the deep blue sea. After completing her dad's funeral, she collapses in exhaustion and Yong-gi takes care of her. He looks at the beautiful In-jung while she sleeps and can't leave her now.

Yong-gi cares for In-jung and battles with himself.
He finally decides to stick by her side.

In-jung wakes up while Yong-gi goes out to buy some sesame porridge. She quickly packs her belongings and leaves. She goes to the bus station and purchases a ticket and got on a bus. When Yong-gi returned, he immediately knows she has left and drove to the bus station.

In-jung leaves him...but Yong-gi goes after her...

He sees her in the bus and chases after her in his car. Focusing on the bus and In-jung, Yong-gi did not see the oncoming car and meets with an accident...he jumps out of his BMW and runs after the bus (typical Korean drama style). But a car knocks him down and he can only see In-jung's bus speeding away.

Poor oppa: An injured Yong-gi sees In-jung's bus speeding off.

Drama stills sourced from Naver.

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Arin said...

phewh, after missing the 6th and 7th episode, finally i could watch this one. =D

ok, i might be a little lost but does anyone know if Soo Hwan has any diseases or illness whatsoever?
it's weird, too many sick people in this drama. haha.
i don't know, you guys might hate Soo Hwan all the way, but no matter how bad he is, i can't help to not hate him. haha.

but then, i know this story is mainly about In Jung + Yong Gi so im kind of rooting for this couple i guess. anyway, what's the name of Joanne look-a-like? she likes Soo Hwan right? haih, i don't like her :/. i wish Soo Hwan will end up with no one in the end, seriously.
i only like In Jung in this drama, but she obviously is meant for Yong Gi =D

last but not least,
i thought i could expect what will happen next everytime i watch this drama, but everything seems surprising to me! haha, or maybe im the outcast here. LOL.

fraulein said...

Thank you, as always for the good reviews ; )

LOL at
"Even when intoxicated, Yong-gi looks more alert than the forever contemplative Su-hwan "

" Yong-gi's heart breaks to see In-jung grieving... he comes and comfort her.
(Ahh...this is my favourite part in episode 8)"
ME TOO!! it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling even tho the mood is damn sad. The breakup is put on hold.

At the start of the episode, why did yong-gi decide to let injung go without putting up a fight? It’s unlike him.

Aiyo, yong-gi is devoted beyond what words can express – it melted my heart when the ajusshi said yong-gi planned on living with his father in law after the wedding.

As the lustful unni pointed out, Yong-gi is all Injung has left after her dad has passed on. Perhaps it is better injung’s dad passed away thinking she was happy.

Does yong-gi’s dad realize that by insisting on having the wedding so soon indirectly /inadvertently accelerates the chain of misfortune ? It strengthens suh-hwan’s resolve to split the pair up and it stems from two things 1) the need to protect his share of the inheritance & 2) his own jealousy, akin to “ if I cannot have her, neither can you.”

Isnt it funny how injung and yong-gi went to suh-hwah separately to plead with him to let things slide ? 2 heads are definitely better than 1 right, why didn’t they consult each other ???

KSW can cry on cue – his tears look so real that I felt like crying when he took injung in his arms at the hospital. I can understand why ppl say Bad love “ stinks” because of the stereotypes , but who can resist KSW’s “I’d die for you” suaveness.

Orchid said...

fraulein...that's your fave part too?

* Orchid gives fraulein a high five! *

People say..."Bad Love stinks because of stereotypes"? I don't know about that...i am just lapping it all in because of KSW. =)

Yeah, what irks me is that how come Yong-gi and In-jung don't communicate? Why do they let Su-hwan tell them what to do. I don't see a reason why they need to break-up.

arin - yeah it looks like Su-hwan has some illness. Liz thinks he has a heart disease or something because he looks like his heart has trouble when he gets stressed. Actually Liz pointed this out to me...i didn't even notice. * muah ha ha *

fraulein said...

Hi orchid,

do u and liz watch dramas together? it's so nice to be able to do that? my sister hates korean dramas and rolls her eyes whenever i watch one. it's good to be able to discuss and have her point out something u missed, just like liz did. Good on ya !

I've asked around and no one except the folks on this forum are catching Bad love. Too bad, they're missing something ; )

Orchid said...

Fraulein: None of your friends are watching Bad Love? Too bad. You can discuss it here with us. Not many of my friends are watching it either. Aren't you glad you followed the drama? 'Cos now you've discovered how good an actor KSW is. ;-)

Yes, Liz and i do watch the drama together. We have to...since it comes on TV! But for movies on DVD, sometimes Liz will go ahead and watch it first. She's the movie buff and watches lots of movies to improve on her database. ;-)

Like she has seen My Wife is a Gangster 1 & 2 and D-Wars, but i haven't. err...maybe not going to. ;-)

fraulein said...

Yes, none of my k-drama watching friends have caught it yet. Which is kind of unusual and sad because i cannot discuss the plot with them. Yeah but i'm happy i can find folks like u on k-popped ; )

fraulein said...

Yep, i am glad to follow Bad Love and now the exploits of sang-wu oppa!


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