Thursday, 24 January 2008

Seo Taiji sells cars

I bet you would too if you’re getting more than a billion won for the endorsement!

Seo Taiji, the 90s K-pop icon, has inked a deal with GM Daewoo to endorse the brand new sedan called Tosca Premium 6.

Seo Taeji flashes his ka-jillion dollar smile

The 36-year-old has finished shooting a commercial for the mid-sized, 6-speed automatic transmission sedan. It is his first commercial since endorsing the shopping mall Space 9 back in 2005.

The singer will be releasing his 8th album in March and anticipation for the album is high. In Nov 2007, he released a commemorative 7-disc (wow!) 15th anniversary limited edition album, which immediately sold out.

Source & Pic credit: The Korea Times

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kpop_rub said...

I LOVE SEO TAIJI!!!! He's why I first became addicted to k-pop all those years ago!

ooo my mom works for GM, sounds like a sexy car!

blinkable said...

he still hasnt change much O_o Feels like he will not age at all XD


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