Monday, 21 January 2008

An interview with Kang Seung-hyun

The young lady just won the coveted Ford Supermodel of the World contest and walked away with US$250,000 (RM821,786) in prize money and a 3-year contract with Ford Models.

Kang, who is a freshman at the modelling department of Dongduk Women’s University, turned out to be the 1st Asian winner in the contest’s 25-year history.

In the eye of the beholder: 'Do you think
I'm beautiful?'

The 21-year-old, who stands 178cm tall and weighs 51kg, spoke candidly to Chosun Ilbo by phone recently. She has since moved into an exclusive apartment for models provided by Ford and will be participating in New York Fashion Week, as well as shows in Paris and Milan.

Below are some interesting and revealing quotes taken from the interview.

Seung-hyun is feelin’ beautiful
People here (in the US) say I'm 'beautiful' or 'perfect.’ I never thought so in Korea. All the praise makes me feel I'm pretty.

What is she doing with the moolah?
The prize money is a hefty sum so I'll pass it on to my parents. But I heard the deposit actually comes a year later.

On her fav food: pork ribs or samgyeopsal
I eat them at least three times a week. I never starve but I exercise. Preparing to be picked as the Korean representative for the Ford contest in September, I walked for hours along the Han River in the summer wearing a winter jumper. I lost 5 kg in two months.

I'd love to do a show for Custom National, my favourite brand. Taking part in the top rate luxury brand shows is of course a dream for any model.

Her chubby cheeks
They bother me a little, but they’re mine to keep.

On being friendly
I didn't want to be neglected as an Asian, so I always talked to other girls during the competition (She studied English intensively for 3 months). I became really close with several of them. We cried after the finale.

Parting shot
I'm craving gochujang (Korean red pepper paste).

Source & Pic credit: Digital Chosunilbo

Kang Seung-hyun is the Next Big Thing?

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kpop_rub said...

"Seung-hyun is feelin’ beautiful
People here (in the US) say I'm 'beautiful' or 'perfect.’ I never thought so in Korea. All the praise makes me feel I'm pretty.

I think it's true, Korean has such specific standards of beauty that anyone who doesn't fit this is quickly dismissed as not being a 'stand out' -it's such a specific forumla of BIG EYES, double eyelid, Ô.Ô, V-shaped jaw, Pale Skin, High Bridged Nose, that they prolly would look past this girl... But the West is not concerned with those things... Western Fashion likes a unqiue look and the same traits that might have made her less than desirable in Korea benefited her in this competition...
She is painfully skinny, but that's so normal in fashion.

meiruo_chan said...

I won't say she's normal. Even in the fashion scenes I've never seen anyone as skinnier as her. Did she really weight 51kg? Seems below 40 for me. Hmm???

But I like her look. Not plastic like most of Korean celebs right now.

betty said...

i'm not korean.. and i think she's really ugly

ladida said...

kpop_rub, from what I read, I have to agree w/u. She's not THAT beautiful or sexy. I think her uniqueness is what made her stood out from the rest in that competition. Still, beautiful or not, she sounds very down to earth. Glad to hear she doesn't have any eating disorder.

deb from the city said...

Oh em gee, she's a lil bit taller than me and yet she's lighter than me! I'd say she's underweight - I'm already kinda close to being underweight.

blinkable said...

flat chest?? *run to hide* XD


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