Friday, 18 January 2008

Song Hye-kyo is the new face of Laneige

Korean cosmetics brand Laneige has chosen Hwangjiny star Song Hye-kyo as the 2008 face of Laneige.

In with the new: Song Hye-kyo is Laneige's new face

Song replaces My Sassy Girl actress and CF Queen Jeon Ji-hyeon, who represented the brand since Jan 2004.

A spokesperson of the company said: "In order to change our present image and to successfully launch a new marketing scheme as a Young Premium Brand we decided to change our main model."

The 26-year-old Song, who was chosen because of her "doll face", milky-white skin and enchanting eyes, recently completed a photo shoot for Laneige at a studio in Seoul Kang-nam recently.

Out with the old: Jeon Ji-hyeon gets the boot

Hoping to find pictures of Laneige's new face online, I surfed on over to the brand's official website. Nope, no sight of Song Hye-kyo there. Jeon Ji-hyeon's pics are still online.

Source: HanCinema
Pics: Newsen & Laneige

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sLaVe said...

Jun Ji Hyun is hotter. And had really interesting CFs :teehee:


Clammy said...

How dare they get rid of Jun Ji-Hyun!!!

Anonymous said...

for me song hye kyo is WAY hotter..i prefer her than jun ji hyun..

mary said...

she looks old.
Jun Ji Hyun is a better model for sure.

ladida said...

They are both very beautiful. Since I dunno JJH (never saw her acting perf), I'm leaning toward SHK

Clammy said...

I'm sorry... Am I hearing this right? Jun Ji-Hyun possibly NOT better? I THINK NOT!!! SO WRONG!!

ladida said...

hahaha...sorry, clammy. If it helps, u can mentally retract my latter statement. ;P

marcel said...

jun ji hyun is pretty, but in the k-drama world, song hye kyo & kim tae hee are such classic beauties.. they are both so lovely, it's sickening..

Clammy said...


Anonymous said...

OMG.. song hye kyo looks so different a bad way, because it looks like plastic!


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