Sunday, 13 January 2008

Full House on KBS World

Listen up, all you BiKyo fans, your favourite K-drama Full House is currently airing on KBS World (Astro Channel 303).

Now that Oh! Feel Young has ended its run at the network, Rain and Song Hye-kyo's Full House has taken over the slot. (Yay! There's Sung-su oppa too!)

The first episode was aired on Jan 9, 2008 and the following episodes will be shown every Wednesday and Thursday of the week.

I watched the 2nd episode on Thursday (Jan 10), from 11.15pm to 12.25am. The best part is, the series is shown in its original Korean with English subtitles - the perfect combination!

No Mandarin dubbing, which means no distracting out-of-sync audio-visual. Hip hip, hooray!

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Pics credit: HanCinema

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ladida said...

it isn't in my nature to repeatedly watch the same tv drama/movie. Only a few shows like FH are exceptional cases. So far, I've seen it thrice!

meiruo_chan said...

I've never seen any drama or movies more than twice.

Anonymous said...

Ah man I love that show I just bought it on dvd with english subs but Id seen it already I am excited to watch it again. Bi and that one guy are sooo hot.

fraulein said...

haha, i lost count of the number of times i've watched FH. someone at work said she watched it and didnt like it at all... i was so shocked that i almost fell of my chair - literally.
even if u are not a bi kyo fan, u have to love the plot and story right?

Thanks for this post, i like KBS dramas with eng subs, they hire pretty good subtitles who use varied vocab unlike some of the DVDs i have bought. KBS seems to repeat it quite often. About 5 mths back, it was shown on the 12noon slot too . they must be proud of the production

Must remember - mon/tue nights = bad love
wed/thu nites = full house

Yayness ! = )

fraulein said...

oops i meant subtitle writers ...

champong said...

i know this might be blasphemy or whatnot but i think that sung-su sshi looks sooo much better in Full House than he does in Bad Love. i think it's cause he looks older or something, but when i started watching bad love, it took me a couple episodes to recognize who he was since his hotness was kinda masked.

i've never watched anything more than twice either. just cause it's not suspenseful anymore.

Liz said...

Hi champong, yeah sung-su oppa looks hotter in Full House. Either he didn't age too well or that mushroom hairstyle in Bad Love isn't doing him any favours.

But I still think oppa's handsome. whoo hoo!

fraulein said...

Kim Sung-su seems to have got a tan before he started shooting Bad Love. He didnt look this tanned in FH

Anonymous said...

Hey Song Hye Kyo!

Now on I will work hard in my life so that my dream to meet you comes true.

I Love You - Song Hye Kyo.


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