Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Kwon Sang-woo WAS in Malaysia!

Oh I am so excited. Remember Liz reported last year that there are rumours of hottie Kwon Sang-woo visiting Malaysia? After that, there was no news what-so-ever. Well, the Bad Love star WAS IN THE COUNTRY! Poof he was here, then left just like that, all so hush hush.

Well, now, there's proof that Kwon was actually in Malaysia! Thanks to Elly for bringing this YouTube video to our attention.

The best thing was, Kwon Sang-woo was in Phileo Damansara!
Yes all you PJ people, he was really near. Rooster used to work
before leaving for Beijing! Can you see Eastin Hotel
in the background?

The video shows...Kwon Sang-woo at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), shopping at what looks like Bintang Walk, drinking coconut water from a young coconut, eating at a hotel lobby and frolicking at the beach.

Then there are scenes of him shooting some CF or a scene from a movie at Phileo Damansara in Petaling Jaya!!!!! I can see Eastin Hotel. Does anyone have any idea what he's filming? Or if you have any info on the visit, do tell!

Oh my goodness. He was so close...yet so far. Take a look at the video!

Kwon Sang-woo sshi, please tell K-popped! the next time you want to visit Malaysia. We will keep you company so you won't feel lonely and miss Korea so much. =)

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Liz said...

Dang! And I'm supposed to treat him to satay when he's Malaysia and all that jazz. I'm so disappointed. 오빠, why didn't tell us? We take you jalan-jalan.

elly said...

It's true rite guys...Arrrghhh...y was it a hush hush visit...? :(

Orchid said...

Yeah Elly, it looks like he was here! =)

jacA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jaca said...

oh LOL. just viewed the video. hence deleted my older post.

i was wondering why was he standing on a car -_-;;

so he WAS shooting a CF. LOL.

arinkorin said...

what a bummer!
ahah, but it's cool though that he actually went to our country! =)
i wonder what does he think about Malaysia.
please don't just remember the weather.. haha.

grr grrr.. tak apa lah.

Rooster said...

Man, and downstairs was where I used to go for lunch! Ha ha!

audrey said...

wow..really so near yet so far..since it was all hush hush..we all didnt get to c the realy him..

well..he looks like he's having fun..hope he likes his stay in msia..or pls come back for a visit again...lol

Anonymous said...

if i knew he was here i already be a stalker..too bad..LOL..

hanie said...

dang... oppa, next time u visiting us , make sure to make it known.. i take u jalan-jalan at putrajaya.. =)
xclusive for the two of us.. lol!!!!

Azura said...

Oppa!!! so near yet so far... :(

Liz said...

Guess what people? I have friends working at Phileo Damansara and two of them mentioned that when they went to the office one weekend last year, they saw the crane that was used in the shoot. It was probably a Saturday.

These are guys so I bet if Kwon Sang-woo sshi skipped by, waved at them and blew kisses in their direction, they wouldn't even flinch.



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