Friday, 18 January 2008

Kim Ha-neul is 6 Years in Love

Haneul and co-star Yoon Kye-sang (right)

Kim Ha-neul's latest flick 6 Years in Love is scheduled for release in Korea on Feb 5. The Almost Love actress was at the Seoul Yongsan CGV with her co-stars yesterday (Jan 17) to promote the film.

Haneul's in a contemplative mood, wondering if her new
movie will do well without partner-in-crime Sang-woo oppa

The rom-com is about a couple who has been together for 6 years. Kim Ha-neul plays a 29-year-old publisher while actor Yoon Kye-sang plays her boyfriend, who is a director of a TV shopping network.

'Do you like my boots?'

The cast of 6 Years in Love (l-r): Kim Ha-neul, Yoon Kye-sang,
Cha Hyeon-jeong & Shin Seong-rok

Source: Hankooki & Dahlia's Sharing Place
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Kim Ha-neul took a break in NYC after filming 6 Years in Love:
Kim Haneul vacations in New York (photos)

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