Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Kim Sung-su talks about his girlfriend

Bad Love hottie Kim Sung-su (yeah, the other one) talks about his girlfriend of 11 years on a KBS 2 TV program called Sang Sang Plus. It is scheduled to be aired today (Jan 15 ) in Korea.

The 33-year-old didn’t reveal her name but we know that she is 4 years younger than him. They have been together so long that he feels like she is part of his family.

The actor continued to reveal that even if they have been together so long, he’s still discovering the various charming facets of his girlfriend. He believes that that’s the reason they are still going strong.

The Full House actor also revealed that he’s been so busy with work that he rarely celebrates Christmas or Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend. To make up for that, he just celebrates the occasions whenever he’s free.

In another article, Kim Sung-su mentioned that before fame caught up with him, he had a stint wearing a robot costume for a children’s show. He used to be puzzled when kids come up to him and ask him to transform into the robot. Ha ha.

Source & Pic credit: StarNews with translations courtesy of Joe Gimm

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Anonymous said...

He's getting old, ought to marry her.

grace said...

If I'd been with him for 11 years, I would hope that I'm considered family.

ladida said...

KSS, r u trying to be the next Johnny Depp or Tony Leung? Afraid of taking the marital vows "till death do us part"? ;->


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